Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Birthday Wishes in Pullenvale

On Sunday, there was a party we went to; and the whole family was going to be there.  Well, okay, Dad's side of the family.  One of our cousins own a large house out at Pullenvale.  Now, out that way there's a lot of houses on large blocks of land; and it's just lovely out in the country kind of area.
We arrived just in time for the rain to start drizzling down as we nibbled on some good food.  Lunchtime was when the rain poured; and we were glad of the large back deck area where the party was being held.  Three tables of adults and the kids were at another one inside.  It was most certainly a day of wonderful food and great company.  I took a long my famous Turkish Carrot Dip, Mum had two bowls of her Potato Salad and then there were three kinds of meat that were cooked really well (so I was told). 
After lunch, we all had a lovely dessert of Pavlova, cheese cake and fruit salad along with pine nuts to top it off.  In the meantime, we watched the rain and the birds flying around.  I spotted a lovely little Rainbow Lorikeet, we all saw and heard two Kookaburras laughing it up and a tree nearby and Mum and a few of us saw a little Mickey Bird trying its best to get a feed from a flower that wasn't giving up its nectar too easily.  The poor little bird was either too heavy for it, too short to reach it or couldn't reach around to the flowers; it just couldn't win!
Then, it was time of Aunty Marge's birthday cake.  It was lovely and big and the candles kept on being blown out by the wind!  Talk about funny.  We all took photos of her cutting her cake and it was delicious!  Then the young kids entertained us with their talents.  Ben played his guitar, Hannah played the flute and sang and the eldest girl played the piano with one of the other children, who played the clarinet.  Then, we were shown a blu-ray disk of the film clip of Brisbane Girls Grammar's 135th Anniversary.  It was great!  About halfway through, the house cat, Echo, came out to rub against anyone who'd pat her.  She ended up sitting in front of me while I tickled her ears, chin and gently ran my fingers down her back (as I can't massage her like normal cats; she's pretty old). Then, to let me know she had had enough, she turned around and gently bit me.  I got up and left her alone as she laid on her side and had a snooze.
Then, people began leaving to go home.  Gabe and Kat had already left to take Riley back to Peta's place.  Then, another lot had left to go home too.  By this time, it was our turn to go as it was beginning to get late.  I arrived home just before 6pm; and Dad still had to fix some plumbing works in my house.

It was a lovely day.  The photos were just gorgeous as was catching up with the family.  And what a place to celebrated Aunty Marge's birthday.

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