Friday, December 31, 2010

Hangin' With My Bro!

Today, my older brother, Gabe, and I went to Garden City and hung out together.  It's something we don't get to do very often alone and we had fun; but it was also a belated birthday lunch from him too.  He hadn't gotten me anything for my birthday this year; so he took me out on the last day of the year and spoiled me instead.  How cool is that?
He picked me up at around 10:30am and we drove to the shopping centre and parked, grabbed a coffee and I got the lid on the mine for the first time in about six months without spilling it everywhere.  I was so happy; and Gabe wondered why... well, I had to tell him about the time - about 6 months ago - when I spilled my ice moch/coffee everywhere because the lids didn't fit properly; and I had gone through about 4 lids and when I thought the lid was going to work; it made the whole container slip and not only did I wear it, it went down half the side of the counter and the next customer was splattered by it too.  He couldn't believe it!  I told him that I hadn't put a lid on my coffee until today because I terrified of spilling the stuff on myself.  He joked saying it meant I was growing up. :P
He bought me a pair of sunglasses that were very cool; and replace my old pair that I've had for about 15 years.  Now, I've been meaning to buy a nice pair, but each time I've done that - and believe me I did it once - they didn't last 3 weeks.  So, I forked out $10 for my next pair and they lasted me around 15 years all because they looked butt-ugly enough not to be stolen.
Anyway, we went into different shops and had a look around and then I checked out my extra Westfield Voucher that arrived in the mail and found it was still active (if had not been and had been canceled, I would have handed it straight back); so that gave us more money to play with, a plus for us! 
Well, we were off to Zellows to get either a store credit or my money back; and we ended up getting a refund.  And seeing the bag was a gift, I gave my brother the rest of the first Westfield Voucher I had (around $50) to spend on anything he wanted.  He was amazed.  I said that I had one to play with already and to that the money was something that would be better spent there by him than me.  Unfortunately, he ended up giving it back just before we went off to lunch where he paid and we sat and talked for a bit about everything and anything.  He asked about my neighbours and we talked about Asia and how life is there and how we are too stressed out here and how we are making ourselves sick from being too clean and having too many vaccines for the flu flying around the place.  We agreed on a lot of things and it was great to just chill and talk.
We were off after a while looking at a music shop, getting some beer and a few things from 'Wild' then it was time to head off home.  We had enjoyed our day; and we don't do it enough I reckon.  
It was the best day I've had in a long time... and on the last day of my year of 2010.  Normally,I would have spent it hanging out here reading or computing.  Today was so much more exciting and fun and I totally enjoyed hanging out with my older brother.  Until my next post... which will - ironically - be next year!  Take care and party on!


  1. I think you were my penpal many years ago. My name is Debbie and I'm from the US and I met you through Hannah. Am I right?

  2. Wow! Yes, I remember you. I've still got all the letters you sent me; and remember you well.

    It's been a long time; and so much has happened... want to catch up? I'm on Facebook under my RL name - Lynda Parker. I'm also a dedicated Bookcrosser; and review books on my profile here too... which I love to collect. :D