Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last Shop Before Christmas

It was crazy out there!  There were kids, parents and anyone else crazy enough to go shopping out there today grabbing the groceries today... and yep, I was one of them.  I had to buy Little Miss Stevie's Christmas pressie and then rush through Woolworths and the walk to K-Mart Plaza, hand in the Wishing Tree present and meet Susan - a great friend of mine - for a coffee before I went shopping for the fortnight.  I handed in the scarf and two little beanies and the lady by the door said they looked just lovely; and was very impressed that I had made the myself.  She commented that not many people go to the trouble of doing that kind of thing; especially at this time of the year for people they don't know.  I think it doesn't matter who you know - or don't - everyone deserves something hand-made at least once or twice in their lives.
When I met up with Susan, I asked if she could help me with a big favour; and that was to take me home from shopping because cabs were going to be hen's teeth today.  She said she would; and I made sure I wasn't putting her out.  So, we sat down with our coffees and chatted about everything and had a good laugh about things, before we took off to Coles and she walked through with me picking up some thing for her home on the way too.  We got through the checkout and looked outside to see it was pouring rain!  Well, we walked out to the car, packed the boot and got in feeling a little damp but not in spirits.
She drove the car right in under my car port and helped me in with my groceries as she looked around my house; as she hadn't been here before.  She loves Little Miss Stevie and thought she was the cutest thing; even if she didn't say anything back.  And Grandma's piano was smaller than what she thought it would be; but sounds just lovely.  I showed her my office upstairs and she was blown away by the amount of books I had collected over the years; knowing I loved books this much.  
It was a good few hours to spend with my wonderful friend; even if we spent some of it shopping.  The main thing was that we caught up with each other this year.  We enjoy keeping in contact via e-mail and will continue to do so.  It's still wet outside and I just realised I forgot the yoghurt for a dip I have to make on Christmas Eve.  So, I have to go for a wander to the shop down the road to get it.  Well, no rest for the wicked... until my next post, take care and Merry Christmas.

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