Thursday, January 13, 2011

Brisbane River Flood Peak

The flood marker at the Power House, New Farm
At 4am this morning, the Brisbane River peaked at 4.4m.  I was awake at around 3:30 am and felt a little concerned about what was going on before in the city before going back to sleep.
However on waking up, the sun was shining again; however things were still going on in the river.  The Riverwalk that runs along the Botanical Gardens has had large 300 tonne chunks break away and float down the river; running into the pylons of the Gateway Bridge.  The good thing is that the pylons didn't move and the bridge wasn't damaged; seeing how heavy these chunks are and how fast they were traveling. 

'Drift' the famous restaurant was seen being taken by the currents of the Brisbane River by the Triple M Morning Crew (The Cage) watched it go as they sat out on their balcony and debriefed from the show that day.  They were said that it was a spectacular view seeing it going by; doing exactly what its name suggested.
This morning, 'The Cage' crew on Triple M asked the owner of 'Drift' if he was okay about it taking off down the river.  He said not really; but he couldn't really do much about it; and seeing he didn't have flood insurance didn't really help.  Anyway, he said, 'Drift' will be reopening at some point in the future somewhere around Stradbroke Island or Tangalooma.  First, though, they have to get the water out of the barge the restaurant sits on.

One of my friends has started up a group on Facebook for anyone who is without accommodation.  He and his wife live at Thorneside and are willing to take in people who need a place to stay until their houses are good to live in again.  If you're on facebook, and you're in one of the crisis centres look up Geoff Treagus on the search box and go to his groups; it'll be there.
A lot of people are still missing out in the Lockyer Valley.  There's 12 dead and a number of families missing.  150,000 homes and businesses around Brisbane and Ipswich are still without power.  But the good thing out of this is that the drinking water is still okay to drink; however the Brisbane City Council has said to use the water sparingly in case that changes.  The crisis accommodation is at the RNA Showgrounds, QE2 Stadium at Nathan (where the 1982 Commonwealth Games were held); and three more emergency accommodation places have opened:
  • St Catherine Anglican Church, McFarlane Street, Middle Park
  • Good New Lutheran Church, Horizon Drive, Jamboree Heights
  • Salvation Army Church, Lalian Street, Middle Park
Residents are urged to bring their own supplies to these centres; or as much as they can.  The flood levels will stay around Brisbane for the next 14 - 18 hours before they recede; then the clean up will begin.  I hope you have all stayed safe during this time; and have found the centres you've needed to be.  Otherwise until my next post, stay safe and dry; and I'll still be here.

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