Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Flood Update

It's late and I've been watching the ABC24 News channel; and it seems they are showing the same pictures over and over... so I had to turn it off as it can do your head in if you keep watching it all the time.  What I can tell you all is that Brisbane City is suffering from the worse floods since 1974.  Today, the Brisbane River rose 2metres at high tide; and tomorrow it will do it again.  On Thursday, it will peak at 3metres as we have a King Tide and all the water from Monday will be coming out; as well as the water that was released from Wivenhoe Dam.  
In the Lockyer Valley, the death toll has risen to 10 people with 78 people - including families - missing.  The power grid is out across the Lockyer Valley, Darling Downs and Toowoomba.  Major roads coming into Brisbane are cut, so is the Gateway Motorway and the Ipswich Motorway.  
Ipswich City itself is also flooded as badly as it was in 1974.  And all the mayors of our towns and cities have told us not to go out unless we really have to; even then, it's probably best to stay indoors.  And if we have to evacuate through the advice of the SES, it's best we follow that advice.  Otherwise, stay home and just keep our eye on the news. 
This has been one of the worse natural disasters that has hit this state in a very long time.  I'm keeping in mind all those people who have lost anyone to these floods, who are looking for missing family and friends, who have lost all their belongings and who are staying in evacuation crisis centres tonight.  They are all in my thoughts and prayers; as they've lost everything to something they had absolutely no control over so soon into the New Year; and until their lives are back to normal, nothing will feel right to them for a long time.  Until my next post, keep safe, stay dry and I'll still be here.

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