Friday, January 7, 2011

It's A Friday!

At around 5am, I was woken by a sudden opening up of the heavens.  It was amazing how loud it was; even on the tile roof.  But I got up and check the bathroom window to make sure it wasn't getting in; and as I did, I glimpsed the sunrise.  It was lovely, golden and very pretty; unlike the rest of the day.
Well, when I got up an hour or so later, it was still raining, but not as heavily, and I dressed quickly to get myself out and to the bus stop early.  But as it came closer to leave, the rain became heavier; and I was beginning to have my doubts about leaving.  However, I needed to get to Garden City to pick up a prescription, have a look at some sales and, basically, get out of the house!  I was beginning to go stir crazy being stuck here because of the dull days.
I took some photos of the cars driving past in the rain and made sure I had all my money, cards and Go Card with me before getting on board the bus; which was early.  As it was about to pull away, on of my friends - who lives in another unit complex - jumped on and we chatted about what we did over Christmas.  She went to Africa to visit family and I told her about Dad.  As the bus traveled under the bridges at Mt Gravatt - near the offramp of the South-East Freeway, we heard a clang.  It was loud enough to make the bus vibrate; but the driver didn't seem to worry about it.  But we wondered about what it was.  
Anyway, once at the shopping centre, the rain had stopped, but the place was still dripping from it all.  So, we walked inside and she chatted about how nice the centre was overall.  We talked about how crowded it had gotten over the Christmas Shopping period and that it was thinning out now; and then said our farewells as she went off to work and I had my list of stuff to buy. 
I purchased a book at QBD, some shampoo and conditioner, eye shadow applicators and make-up sponges at Priceline.  Then, I went to the Book Cafe for a coffee and found a book written by Umberto Eco there that I didn't have.  I had to get a prescription filled at the Terry White Chemist and then I wandered through the music section of David Jones and found a c.d. that I wanted to purchase over Christmas but couldn't because I didn't have the money.  Now, I do.  Anyway, I had a choice between Jamiraquai and Bon Jovi.  So, I asked to listen to the former and it a little slow for my taste; I like his faster works.  But Bon Jovi has all their greatest hits and a few more new tracks.  So, I bought that instead.  
Well, by the time I headed out of David Jones, I spotted the bus sitting there at the stop... how good was my timing?  I ran up to it and jumped on, touching my card to the box.  In no time at all, I was back at the Park Road stop and heading off to the Slacks Creek Post office to check the mail.  While there, I bought a box to post off a set of books to the US on a book spiral I've taken part in on Bookcrossing which had arrived at my door in October; and I have finally finished the book just last night.  All I need to do is get the next person's address and send the box off via sea mail and they can enjoy all seven books of vampire romance.  
Well, for a short week, this week has felt pretty long.  I think it's the weather that's done it.  Until next time I post, take care.

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