Thursday, January 6, 2011

Grey Skies Above Us

Yep, it's raining again.  Over the last few days, it's been raining off and on; and we've had storms grumble pass, pound over us and cause me to unplug the computer, television and radio and just pretty much sit and read a book... yeah, there was that much lightning around.  So, love or hate it, the rain looks like it's here for a while.  Exactly what have you been doing this school holidays?
For some of us, it hasn't been all that great.  From just before Christmas, floods inundated Emerald, Townsville, Bundaberg, Rockhampton, Chinchilla, Warwick and St. George and Injune.  That covers an area that's about the size of France and Germany put together... and they say there's more rain coming.  After such a dry spell, it's nice to see the stuff, but not so much in such a small amount of time.  And the news of this has reach across the world to so many countries, they're all willing to lend a helping hand to get people back on their feet.  
Mt To Be Read!  
I'm hoping to get some serious reading done while it's raining like this.  It's good weather for it; and I do enjoy cracking the cover of either a best seller or a classic and getting myself lost in the pages between them.  It's just something I've always loved.  And fortunately, with my other blog My Reading List I'm hoping to read and review more books than ever this year; well, more than 20 anyway.  Last year, I was stuck when I tried to read 'Under The Dome' and it took me 3 months to  get 3/4 the way through before giving up on it.  Well, I'll never do that again.
Another school holiday thing I love to do - once the weather fines up - is gardening.  I promised myself to fix up the garden; but every time it looks like it's going to look good, rain comes and makes everything soggy again.  Well, I guess I can't win them all.  I'll just keep on mowing the lawn and making sure the weeds are pulled out by the fences to make it look neat.
Movies and dvds are another thing I love to do when it's raining; and I've been meaning to see 'Tron: Legacy'... but I think I'll wait until it comes out on dvd.  It's just something I'm not too excited about as I love to watch movies on my surround sound home theatre system now and they sound brilliant.
Well, I guess,  that's all from me about the school holidays.  I'm never bored here with what I do.  And - even though the house is a little messy - I do enjoy getting into my painting, knitting and playing the piano.  Hope you're enjoying your holidays in this grey old weather.  What have you been doing?  Until my next post, take care.

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