Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A New Year Plans - The Laundry

This year, unlike last year, I have plans to do something serious with my house.  Already, I've gone out and replaced one item in my house and now, I'm not going to stop.  I have been meaning to have my house uncluttered and organised; and as of Saturday, I began to organise, throw out and work on keeping my house as tidy as possible.  Now, the lounge room is looking good - better than last year - better than it's ever looked.  But it's something that I've been working on so far.  
Yesterday, I took down all the Christmas decorations from all around the house and re-packed the boxes for next year, so it's easier for me to decorate; it's so I'm dipping only into one box and not searching through all three of them.  I've also stored my Christmas Decorations upstairs in the wardrobe in my office instead of in the storage area so they're safer and nothing nests in them during the year.  And also, when I do go looking through them, I can see what I'm doing; and not worry something is going to jump out at me, or run over my hand in the darkness of the storage facility.

But this year, I've written down a list of things I'd like to get done around the place - serious things - that will make my house look and run better. 
Now, I've cleaned up and done out my kitchen; and I love what I can do in it every time I enter that place, I know where everything is, I can add a new item to it and know I can put it in any spot I want and I can cook, bake and enjoy doing anything in my kitchen.  However I feel as though the rest of the house is letting me down because I haven't done anything with it.  Yes, I cleaned out the bathroom, but it needs another storage unit above the toilet for new toilet rolls and tissues - instead of me leaving them in the closet behind the door.  I also want to have some of the things I'd like to use where I can get to them; and not hiding away where I'd forget they're there - like my hot rollers and curling wands.  

So, I've begun making big changes in this place; starting with my laundry.  I replaced the old clothes rack.  The old one was falling apart and rusty.  It didn't have any castors on it so I couldn't move it without having to remove everything off it first.  Today, I went out and bought a wonderful new one at Howard's Storage at Garden City.  I did look around for another just like it, but nobody made one like this one; and not one wheels.  So, it was brought home and I put it together... and it's a little smaller than the old one, but it also works very well on the wheels as I can move it if it needs to be moved.
The next thing I need done is the dryer to be removed and the bar at the top of the skirting the holds the whole thing in place.  I've been asking Dad to get rid of this clunky old thing, as it doesn't work properly and I think it's a fire hazard, and he won't take it out.  He keeps on telling me that I could remove it myself, but I know it's too heavy and I'd need help (and he knows I won't try it out).  So, he just leaves it here.  I told my neighbours and Sharni said she'd let her Dad know and he'll take it out for me.  But I can bet my bottom dollar that my Dad will come home and get all up and arms about it all; that I didn't consult him first.  However, I have - years ago - been asking him to remove it and he hasn't.  I just bugs me to no end that I am always left holding the crappy end of the stick when I need to get things done around here and get told off that I shouldn't have done them.  My dryer's timer doesn't work, it's set on warm and works on hot and it doesn't have a cool-down session as the dial doesn't turn around for it to switch itself off... this makes my dryer a fire hazard.  So, I've unplugged from the wall - and that was over 2 years ago - and haven't used it since.  Now, I want to put up shelves to get my detergents off the floor and in a place where I'm not falling over them when I need to turn off the washing machine.
Once I have all that done, I'll have to fix up the waterproof seal around the tub as it's looking really daggy... this is something I can do myself; once I get the right stuff from Bunnings.  And once I get that stuff from there, I'll do the kitchen sink and the bathroom sink too as their seals aren't looking all that great either.

Once this is all done up and finished, I'll move onto my next project for the house:  my living room.  However, I'll take one room - and one project - a little at a time.      

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