Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hot, Weird, Crazy Week

Despite the heat, I've had a busy week.  I've been out and about and sticking around the house.  I've had bad night's sleeping and pains too.  But I've also enjoyed being around the house to catch up with laundry and my reading too and scored a few free things as well!

Garden City was my first place to go to.  I wanted to buy one of those Diamond clipper things for the face.  It gently takes all the excess hair off your face, neck and eyebrows and it costs only around $20.  So, I went to Big-W and bought one of these things; only to have it break on me on the first try.  Darn!  
However, while I was at Garden City, I bought myself a new towel rack from Howard's Storage.  This place is fantastic.  I love the ideas this place has; and I've bought a few things from here now that have made my life that little bit easier, and do intend to purchase more things as time goes on.
Well, I ended up almost getting to Mum and Dad's place to return the bug thing when I realised that I didn't know if my back door of my house was closed or not.  Seeing I didn't remember closing and locking it, I thought it best to get on home to check.  So, I caught the bus home and found I did lock it; and decided to stay home.

That was Monday... on Tuesday, it was a right stinker of a day, so I wasn't going anywhere.  I downloaded a free app for my iPod to use, cleaned the fish tank, swept out the car port and watered the garden... it looked greener for about 3 hours, then it looked like a cricket pitch again.
On Wednesday, I photographed my Moch Orange tree as it flowered on mass... it was beautiful and scary too as I don't like bees; as anyone who knows me, I freak out around the little things.  So, I had to be careful around them and not slap at them... and that was hard for me.  I didn't do too much on this day, just caught up with some washing up, put the overnight bag and suitcase away and had a few cool showers while I played a few vinyls.
Thursday was another busy day out.  I went to Garden City again and looked around for a phone sock for my new/old phone Gabe gave me.  It's a cool little thing, but I'm still learning with it.  I scored 2 phone socks for $3.00 each!  Very nice!  Then, I exchanged the little clipper thing and caught a bus to Springwood where I walked through to Target at Centro Mall and got my money back on the phone bug thing and walked over to Rockaway and picked out 2 disco vinyls and Dean - who was running the shop there - told me they were hoping to close the store in late-February.  I asked if it was more cost-efficient for them to keep both stores open (the one at Carindale and the one here in Springwood; as it would mean there'd be only one great store here on the southside then). He said he mentioned that to them; and they were hesitating about it; but they were also giving him more stock to put on the shelves... so they are thinking about keeping it open.  When I bought my vinyls, he threw in a Rockaway shirt!  It's in my size too!  Very cool!  It's a little too hot to wear it, so I'll wait until it cools down a little and then I'll put it on; but I've washed it.

Yesterday, Friday, I got in and all my laundry, washed the kitchen floor, put out the rubbish, sorted through some junk on the lounge and washed up.  I also washed up from last night this morning too after breakfast and after I talked to Ian - one of my neighbours - about a strange thing that happened late last night while I went for a walk around the complex before bed.  A guy who lives at the front of the complex, who was drunk, picked on me and then - when he didn't intimidate me enough - thought to threaten me.  So, I had a chat with Ian about it and he said he'd sort him out; as this dude has done this before to another woman who lives on her own.  

Yep... this was my week.  I've got volunteer work today at the Logan Art Gallery; which I'm thankful forYay!  Air-conditioning!  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm/cool and remember, I'm always here.         


  1. Better called into Rockaway store before their door closes for good.

    1. They have 50% off everything! That includes all the $30 vinyls! :D You'll love it craftynut! :D