Monday, January 28, 2013

Tropical Cyclonic Weather

It's been a 3 days now and the weather hasn't gotten any better.  Roads are flooded, and whole communities are cut off.  The Brisbane River is flooding again - a mere 2 years after our last major flood - but it's not going to be anywhere as bad as the 2011 floods.  People are urged not to go out anywhere unless it's absolutely necessary and to stay at home and keep off the roads with their cars.  

I haven't been anywhere - except to get the newspaper yesterday and to have lunch at my parent's house on Saturday for Australia Day.  Otherwise, yesterday, I stayed inside and did some things online and edited a book.  Then, last night, I heard the storm get worse.  
I really do hate it when storms like these get really bad; especially at night.  When it's during the day, I'm not so worried as you can see what's happening and it's less stressful.  But at night, when it's dark, that's when it gets scary.  Noises seem louder and the wind seems to sound freakier and it just grates on my nerves.  Quite often I can't sleep all that great and so I find myself tossing and turning and waking the next morning from a really bad night's sleep and nightmares.  This happened when the floods were around too.

Last night, friends of mine had electricity at Thorneside.  This morning, though, they didn't.  They contacted me through a text and I almost invited them over to stay with me; but thought better of it as it's not safe on the roads.  So, I texted that I survived the night with electicity still going and hoping it still would. 
However, my Aunt from Mansfield lost power last night and her television blew up and they spent the night digging trenches and building up their driveway so the water didn't get down to their house (which is built lower than the road).  When I wrote late last night that I still had power but had my waterproof torch next to me just waiting for it to go off, I didn't think anything of it.  But this morning, I saw a horrible comment on Facebook from her which smacked of sarcasm and lack of sleep.  She had been up since 5:30am without power, water or gas and she tried to make me feel horrible.  So, I snapped back at her about how terrified storms like these make me... the darkness, the wind and the fear; and yet, she forgets that she's got people around her to talk to whereas I don't.  I haven't heard back from her yet.  But then, I don't think I will.

Fear and lack of sleep can make people do really unusual things; and say strange things too - especially on Facebook.  I'm usually very careful about what I say on there, but if somebody insults me and there's weather like this around, I'm not backwards in coming forwards; particularly if we're all in it together.  Yes, I haven't lost power or gas or water... but I am scared.  I don't like these storms as I don't sleep well and when I don't sleep well, I feel horrible and sick due to the lack of sleep.

The only thing I wish is for this to clear up and the sun to come out again.  Yes, we needed the rain, but cyclonic rain is different.  It's more depressing.  It keeps us inside and it's more damaging due to the winds.  My only hope is that my friends - as well as anyone else out there - is keeping safe.  I have noticed no birds are around and I haven't seen any lizards around either.  So, to my friends who are out there and and caught in this weather, keep safe.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm/cool and remember, I'm always here.     


  1. Think how parents are feeling when their kids are home saying they are bored all weekend. Today there is no school because there is no power still.

    1. True... about the boredom. However, my Aunt's daughter is an adult and should be able to entertain herself; and there's no little kids in the house.

      It's a pity there's no school today. But I have heard there's lots of school that have been closed throughout Brisbane.