Thursday, January 17, 2013


Don't you love it when you discover new thingsYep, same here.  I absolutely enjoy it.  It's that wonderful feeling you get when you find something you had hoped would happen, but you didn't think it would, but it did.  I got that feeling yesterday while I was out shopping.
I was at 'Woodys' at Logan Central Plaza looking through their vinyls to see what they had when I came upon a 'P!NK' vinyl of last year's cd.  I turned it over and saw it was a double vinyl for $35.00!  Now, that's at the same price as a single cd, but with two vinyls... very cool!  So, I looked for more of her but there weren't any.  Oh well, next time!  I put it on layby and will pay it off over the next month.  I'm totally stoked that I found this vinyl and it's a current vinyl by a current artist. 
Another thing I found yesterday was in the school section in K-Mart.  It's almost time for the kids to go back for a new school year!  So, parents are getting new things for schoolbags, lunchboxes and pencil cases.  However, what I look for in this section is how to cool down a lunch.  I searched through the 'Smash' cool blocks and found some new ones they just put out on the market to keep lunches and drinks cool.  You put them in the freezer and then put them under the lunch and drinks to keep them nice and cold until lunchtime; and they're small and slim too.  So, I bought a 3-pack of the pink ones for when I take off to the gallery and I want to keep a few things cool and don't want the bulk.  Not a bad idea.

Today, I was at the Big Apple when I found 'Griffin' Gingernut Biscuits sitting on a shelf below the nectarines.  I haven't seen these in around 20 years; since I moved out of home and lived at Runcorn.  I lived with my boyfriend at the time and a flatmate - who was from New Zealand - and he bought those from a shop he knew stocked them.  He often bought lots of packets and we'd scoff into them on the weekends.  After we all went out own ways, I never could find them again.
So, to find them on the shelf at the local fruit shop was a wonderful surprise!  I picked up a packet and added it to my trolley happy in knowing I'd be scoffing into a biscuit I haven't eaten in so long!  

So, what wonderful discoveries have you found lately that have really made your day?  Were they right under you nose and you didn't realise it?  Or did you stumble upon them in your travels and they were total surprises?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm/cool and remember, I'm always here.    

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  1. Don't remind me about back to school. I will go shopping next week for my girl's supplies.