Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Is Something Different!

Hey there!  I'm welcoming back a monthly tradition of my summary of each month; seeing I stopped it sometime last year.  I didn't feel that last year was all that great to talk about, so I thought it would be best to stop telling you how bad it was going.

So, seeing this is the beginning of a new year, I thought to give this another go.  And this month hasn't been that bad.  It started off with New Year's Eve down at Brunswick Heads.  However, I was down there on my own - without my little blue feathered friend - and so I felt a little lonely.  I got a lot of reading done, a fair bit of writing and photography too.
I caught a bus home with a whole lot of back packers and Aunty Helen picked me up from Springwood Bus Station.  It was a good ride home too.  I was stuffed and found that unwinding was my last priority as Gabe and Kat wanted to spend a little time hanging out at Brunswick Heads too; and they needed me to look after Jay.  So, I transferred my clothes from a suitcase to an overnight bag, locked up the house again and I was on my way

After I got home from Mum and Dad's house and Jay was picked up too, I had time to settle in, collect the mail, pay my bills and do my laundry.  I was in pain though, so off to the chiropractor I went and she asked where I'd been?  On a bus for 2 hours a few days previous... well, she wasn't pleased, and neither was my back.  Well, she straightened me out and I was fighting fit again.
I soon had a good look around my house and found it was an absolute mess!  And I made myself a promise - a vow if you will! - that this year was my last year that I'd live in a hovel of a place; that I'd definitely have it tidy enough to be able to clean it up in 15 minutes for guests to drop by.  And within the first week, I did it!  It's still taking time to work out the bugs in my system, but I'm getting there with the downstairs.  Now, to work on the upstairs rooms... they're the hardest ones of all!

We've had unrest in my local area between two races, which took over the news.  And for most of one week, all we heard most nights were sirens.  It was really unsettling; but soon, the Elders of the two fighting groups came to a solution and one of the groups move away. 

Before long, I had computer problems and it all had to do with Skype.  I wanted to keep up with the times on the net, and as soon as I downloaded Skype, I found it screwed up everything else.  So, I uninstalled it and restarted my computer and the computer went back to normal; well mostly.  It still locks up a little, but that's people on the net and I found a 'Hoodoo Gurus' cd in the cd thing I'd forgotten about... oops!  But it's working a lot better than it did before. 

Then, Tropical Cyclone Oswald hit Cooktown.  This is the time of year for these things; they hit late this year.  However, it turned into a massive rain depression, and a really windy one too.  It brought a lot of destruction with it and - as it traveled down the Eastern Seaboard of Queensland and New South Wales - it dumped rain and wind on the coastal towns causing floods and widespread damage.  Brisbane City flooded again, so did Ipswich and other surrounding areas.  However, we didn't flood as badly as expected; and we were still recovering from the floods 2 years ago and knew what we were in for.  Logan City was hit at well, and we are still recovering too.

Today, I did my fruit and veggie shopping and got stuck at the Big Apple down the road by some heavy showers.  So, I dropped into Rocky's Bakehouse and Cafe for a coffee.  Instead of getting a lovely latte, and I love these things, I found I was served a latte that was on the sour side.  The restaurant must have lost power over hte weekend and the milk might have gone warm and they didn't think of replacing it.  This kind of thing crosses our minds; but probably didn't cross theirs... so when I got my coffee, I found it nice and hot and delicious, but as it cooled off, it tasted like sour cream... not so delicious.  So, I left it and went home.
Otherwise today was spent washing up, painting the base coat on pegs and blogging and surfing the net as well as catching up on a bit of gardening out the back.    Well, there you go, this month in a summary.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.            


  1. Did you let the cafe know about their milk?

    1. No. I thought mine might have been a bad single one that didn't work out... so I just left it half drunk. I wasn't sick or anything, just noticed it was a little sour.