Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Busyness of My Week

This week has started out rainy and is going to stay that way unfortunately.  This means, I'm going to have to get around with my groceries damp and everything else damp too.  It's going to be a week of trying to keep everything I can dry... not an easy task.  However, I do manage to do it.

Yesterday, I was off to my Queen Beez Craft Group at Springwood where I tried to sell my Crafty Pegs at $10 a dozen.  The ladies there loved how pretty they were but couldn't even think of putting them outside to hold their clothes; because of their beauty.  So, I didn't sell any.
Today, I posted off 3 dozen in the mail across town to a lady who bought some off me.  I'm so happy they're selling.  Those 3 dozen are going to a house warming this Saturday; and so, I hope they work out and the people like them, and word gets around about my pegs.

Tomorrow, I've got my grocery shopping to do.  It'll be a quick shop for me as I'm only going to be getting half the things I normally get and paying off twice as much as I normally would at Woodys' Music.  I was going to buy myself new pillows for the bed, but thought it would be best if I left that for next month or so when the weather clears up and it's not raining.
Anyway, that leads me to Thursday where I'll be at Garden City in the morning, then traveling to the Logan Art Gallery to see if I can get my Crafty Pegs in the store there.  If not, well, that's okay, I'll sell them online or at the Butter Factory, where there's a craft store there; but I'd like them where I can get to the store easily.

Friday will be my only free day this week where I can get in and do my washing, vacuuming and cleaning up on that day.  Then, it'll be a matter of packing away things to tidy for the weekend of painting - seeing the weather is going to stick around for a while.

So, how is your week looking?  Is the weather where you are wet and flooding, like here in Brisbane?  Or have you got other weather which is just as bad?  Until my next post, take care, keep warm/cool and remember, I'm always here.      

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