Friday, February 15, 2013

One Heck Of A Busy Week!

Boy! Have I had a busy week; and a sad one too.  And it's not finished yet either.  However, today, I'm happy to say that I can get myself together and chill out for the dayThis isn't how the week started out.

At the beginning of this week, I was without a computer.  Yep, I was still waiting for a new hard drive to be delivered for my computer from HP.  I was upset by the passing of my dear, long-time friend, Cate Black, who had passed away from Adrenal Gland Cancer aged 54.  On Monday, I went to her funeral, which had been organised to the finest detail by herself and her family - right down to the smallest things - and I found it was the most lovely send-off I've been to.  I listened to quotes Cate found were wonderful and she lifted from great writers such at Douglas Adams and John Irving and then a tree was planted in her honour with her ashes buried underneath it.  The wake was a little more laid back, but still it was lovely to see her family get together and talk about her.  We found out that Cate wasn't treated well at the P.A Hospital and didn't stay long there, being transferred to the palitive ward of the QEII Hospital (where my Uncle Allan spent his last days; and is a fantastic facility).  She didn't last three days and passed on early on 6th, February.

On Tuesday, this week, I had the repair guy from HP drop around and fix my computer.  First, he turned it on and the hard drive played tricks on the keyboard.  He thought the keyboard was faulty, but I assured him that it hadn't been playing up, just the computer itself... and when he did finally get it to comply, he realised that I was right.  It was the computer hard drive that had deteriorated completely.  He said it happens, and it's unfortunate that I had to put up with it; but it's good that I'm a stickler for backing up onto an external hard drive.
Over the last few days, I've been working on getting my iPod back online (which it still isn't talking to my internet properly) and anything else I need to get done.  

Wednesday was shopping day... and what a day that turned out to be!  I had to drop in some film into K-Mart to get developed that I found in my fridge.  I don't know what's on it, so it'll be a surprise for me when I get it back.  I paid $10 off a layby at Woodys' and added $20 onto my bill-paying account; making it start next pay so it'll work out better for me.  I did my grocery shop at Coles and came out under budget by around $20 or so.  And I arrived home just on midday.  I was exhausted but happy that I was home.  I also scored well at Life Line too, getting myself a Dr Who mug from 2006, a new skirt and a nifty little handbag too... not bad.

Yesterday, I was out and about at the doctors over at Springwood.  In the morning, I went to my GP to renew some of prescriptions and chat to her about the pill and that we need to look into working on another way to regulate my cycle which doesn't include the pill - which, if you all remember, caused a stroke last year; something I don't wish to repeat.
Then, in the afternoon, I was off to the chiropracters.  I was a week overdue, but she said my back wasn't so bad seeing I was away from the computer for a week.  So, that's a good thing isn't it?

Today?  Well, I'm here at home being lazy.  I went out this morning to buy my fruit and veggies at The Big Apple, photographed a gorgeous Water Dragon and then arrived home just before the rain arrived.  Then, in the last hour or so, I installed Skype onto my computer and it didn't freeze up or have any kind of weird problems with it... so I'm having a good day for once.  So, how was your week?  Good, bad or ugly.  Or has it been a mixed bag like mine, where a bit of everything - good and bad - has happened?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm/cool and remember, I'm always here.        

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