Friday, February 22, 2013


I'm so thankful it's the end of the week, and now I have the weekend to contend with and then the beginning of next week to work on.  But today has been a busy one; and I've had to keep one eye on the weather and one on the clock too.
Well, not really the clock, but I don't want today slipping away too fast.  I have a lot do get done before tomorrow comes (that's a song title right?  Yeah, thought so).  

Today, I've been so busy getting chores done, getting a good lot of my painted pegs varnished, checking the mail and washing up that I have wanted to just get everything straight for the weekend before I'm off again next week on whatever I have to do with my shopping... and believe me, it's going to be a very busy shopping day next Wednesday.

This morning, I'm glad I got the things done that I did because otherwise I'd be well behind in it all.  Tonight, I'll be organising some of the pegs in cellophane parcels and putting ties around them and attaching prices onto them.  So, my night will be filled with that kind of work tonight.  Not that I don't like doing that, but it's just fiddly that's all.
Tomorrow, I'm off to the gallery to do my volunteer work.  Hopefully it will be a good day out and the pegs will be something good to add to the gallery store.  If they add them, great.  If not, well, I'll try somewhere else.  

I'm also working on a painting I started last year, but have only gotten the finishing idea for it this year.  Strange how that happens; but it's working outSo far it's looking good.  If you'd like to see, go to my other blog called A Natural Background, and I've posted about it there with a photo of it.  

So, what have you got in mind for your weekendBusy or slow?  Full of fun activities or sleeping in?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm/cool and remember, I'm always here. 

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