Sunday, February 24, 2013

Craziness in the World

It's been a strange old world lately; I mean, really strange.  Over the last decade, a lot has happened to our planet that makes me think that we're either out to destroy ourselves or we're all acting like children.  Either way, some of the things that have happened aren't our fault.
Like the meteor that landed in Russia.  That was amazing and freaky at the same time.  It scared all of us and totally gobsmacked scientists because it was something they've been wanting to see happen.  I thought it was very cool; but that's me.  I'm always amazed about stuff that happens from space, about space or has something to do with space.  It's vast, has stars that don't exist anymore and is something we're still learning about.  Like I said, very cool.

I was recently told about the weather phenomenon in Arizona by one of my Canadian friends.  He told me that it snowed.  Yeah, well, I've heard it does that sometimes, but he said it didn't just sprinkle, it snowed around 2 inches!  Wow... if it's snowing there, how cold is it further north?  And is it snowing in Vegas?  With all those lights, it'd be brilliant and fun and interesting at the same time.

There's other great phenomenon that has happened around our great planet that is hard to explain.  Sink holes, coral blooms, red tides and I've also heard of dangerous trees (believe me, there's 10 of the most dangerous trees and most of them are in South America.  The Sandbox Tree is amazing and very poisonous; and that's just one I remember well because of its fruit and how its been used in the Amazon and other parts of the country).

So, what great wonders - or craziness - have you noticed in this world?  Are the things you've noticed the same as mine, or are there ones I've missed.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm/cool and remember, I'm always here.   

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