Sunday, February 17, 2013


It's been a busy old weekend, but also a strange one as I'm without my mobile for the next day or so.  You see, my older brother upgraded to a new smart phone and generously gave me his old smart phone so I could get used to having one before buying one for myself later this yearWell, he didn't delete all his e-mails and internet downloads off it and now the memory is full... so I've given it to Mum and Dad to take to his place at Brighton so he can do that and I can use it again.  This has caused me to learn more about my iPod; that it's got an alarm clock in it! How cool is that?

Well, yesterday I was off to the Logan North Library to the Logan Writers' Forum - the first for this year - to see the future of this group.  After my dear friend passed away, I promised myself to get more active with my writing and creative life; and I am.  At this meeting, there was a guest speaker who told us about how the publishing world is changing around us very quickly.  It was fascinating and I wanted to know more.  So, I got talking to Anthony Puttee who worked for BookCover Cafe and he gave me his business card.  He was impressed I already had a book out, but not surprised it wasn't doing well and liked it that it was of what people were reading and will want to read in the future.  I said I was writing vampire and horror when it wasn't the thing to read; and people were laughing at me about it.  I had a few people tell me that I was ahead of my time when I was young then.
After the meeting finished, Wendy Johnson (who picked me up from home) dropped me at Mum and Dad's house.  It was good to see them.  I needed to look for something there, but I didn't find it.  So, I hung about on the net and looked at the news reports about the meteorite that landed in Russia.  It was amazing!  I found one on youtube and there were over 60 sonic booms after the initial one that I could count... amazing
Aunty Helen arrived and she started going through a few things with Mum and DadMeanwhile I looked on my iPod for another book to read.  Now, when I download books off iTunes, I have promised to get books that are over 800 pages long so I can carry them with me without them being phyically too heavy.  So, this is why I read off my iPod now... so, I downloaded Leo Tolstoy's 'Anna Karenina', which has been turned into a film and is now showing at all the cinemas.  However, seeing I'm not one to go to the cinemas anymore, I'd much rather read the book.

Last night, it rained for a good part of the night.  I caught one of the cats from over the back in my yard and had to chase it out.  It was curiously looking through my back door... guess it wanted to know who I was.  Jumpy little thing.  Anyway, I was in bed early but couldn't sleep until around midnight.  
Today, I made pancakes from scratch, mowed the lawn, clipped the edges, pulled out some weeds and then did two loads of laundry and hung it out on the clothes horse.  The washing up needs doing, but that will be done this afternoon.  Otherwise, I'm going okay with everything.  The computer is working well and I have been able to download skype without it destroying anything (touch wood!) and now, I've got to get the Word program working to see if it'll do something for me.
This afternoon, I'll be taking it easyThen, tomorrow, I'll be out and about again to a craft group at Springwood to learn how to crochet... and seeing I'm a lefty, it could be a real challenge. Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm/cool and remember, I'm always here.     

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