Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I've had such a strange week.  First off, my computer started acting up really badly; then on Monday it stopped working completely.  So, after an hour of being on the phone with a HP tech guy, and working well with him, we both found out that the computer's hard drive was a lost cause.  And the cause?  Well... do you remember when I uploaded Skype?  Yes, well, after removing that, my computer kept on locking up and stuffing around on me.  I thought it was just something - a glitch - that was wrong with it.  However I was wrong.  The computer was slowing down on me; little by little.  And on Monday, it just stopped working.  So, the tech guy at HP and I took the hard drive back to a preset date but it didn't work; and then my computer wouldn't start up again.  So, I'm in for a new hard drive.  This brings me to today... waiting for my ordered piece to come in and a HP technician to show up and put it in.  However, that will be in the next few days.

Yesterday, I was visited by my wonderful friend, Vivienne Treagus.  She and her husband had gorgeous little baby girl on December 5th, and yesterday was the first day I had seen her; and she turned 2 months old.  Little Zoe has grown so much and is just so lovely and cute.  She had the long legs of her Dad and her Mum's hair; and she loved being cuddled too.  And she was so lovely and cute when she was sleeping as well.  Vivienne and I chatted over coffee and 'Griffins' Gingernut Biscuits and we enjoyed playing some Mozart too.  By the end of her visit, we had swapped over some Yoga books and I had lent her some cds of Mozart so she could put them onto her iPod for little Zoe.

Today, I was out and about at Mum and Dad's place.  However, I wanted to spend time with my Dad - as it was his birthday yesterday; and I missed out hanging out with him.  Anyway, I thought to come here today and be here with them.
But it's turned out that they've had to help me instead; as I received some really horrible news today.  One of my old friends passed away last night, and I didn't know until I looked on Facebook.  This wonderful friend of mine is Catherine Black who had been in hospital for about a week now, and was looking forward to being at home with her cat; to organise moving into hospice care.  However that wasn't meant to be.  I've known her for around 15 years as I met her at the Logan Writers' Guild and we have been friends for a long time - even outside it.  

Seeing my week so far has had its ups and downs in the biggest ways, I don't wish to see too much more to go wrong this week.  So, how has your week been?  Better than mine, or worse?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm/cool and remember, I'm always here.   


  1. Please accept my consolences about the lost of your friend.

    1. Thank you so much. I knew she was really sick; and that she didn't have much time left. However, I did call her a lot at night because I knew she lived alone and - well, at night she became very lonely. It's always nice to chat with people when the sun goes down over the phone.

      Her service is tomorrow... but word has it that she was cremated by her family when she wanted to be buried under a tree. However Mum said that because my friend was morbidly obese, they probably couldn't purchase a casket big enough for her and had no choice but to cremate her. I just hope they bury her ashes under a tree and not scatter her.