Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Shopping Day

Today was one of my many shopping days; it was also a day to get myself organised for the next few years.  So, I left the house with my iPod in hand - which has a shopping list app on it - and my trolley and umbrella at the ready.  I was hoping to get myself a good few hours of shopping, organising and banking done this morning.

My first usual stop at Life Line was lucrative and I found a nice little bag, a lovely denim skirt and a really cool Dr Who mug from 2006.  How cool is that?  Well, I went to Woolworths, bought my Witackers and then headed off to Logan Central Plaza where my main bit of shopping was going to happen.
The first stop was Suncorp.  I had to increase the amount of money going out to my bill-paying account next pay.  This was easily done; and I'm glad I remembered to do it as I have finally figured out that I can afford a little more this year.  Then, I stopped off at Woodys' and began putting money onto my next layby of 'Angel' boxset.  This show is a spin-off of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' (which I've got the series of from Gabe as he burnt me the whole lot years ago).  Steven was all excited about the set and went out the back and showed it to me!  It's come in a Collector's Edition dark blue tin!  Wow!  How cool is that?  He said he's never seen anything like it!  I said that Gabe bought the set for his last girlfriend, but it came in a cardboard box - like Supernatural - but this is going to be very cool!
After Woodys' I was off to K-Mart to put in two rolls of film I found in the door of my fridge.  I don't know what's on them... but I'm sure to find out in a couple of weeks' time. 

I then sat down on a seat to sort myself out and cross off a few items from the shopping list on my iPod.  An elderly gentleman was next to me and I showed him how it worked and he was amazed at it; asking if my husband enjoyed the technology as well, or my kids.  I smiled and said I'd never been married or had children.  He was amazed that nobody had snaffled me up (his words not mine), a pretty young thing like me (again his words not mine).  I said that a lot of guys I've met have always treated me as though they were out to turn me into their Mum or try to keep me from having a social life, a personality or my own interests unless it was to serve them.  His eyes widened and he wondered where I met these guys and what they were thinking.  I shrugged and said that I'd love to meet somebody and fall in love, but to be turned into a Stepford Wife just isn't worth it.  He looked around and we saw his wife walking toward him, he said that he'd never do something like that to his wife and she smiled asking if he had finished his things before her, then said good morning to me.  They were just a lovely couple.

The rest of my shopping day was good.  I found everything I needed in Coles and decided to give the self-serving computers a miss this time around (as they frustrate me to no end).  And when I got outside, I found 3 cabs lined up ready to be called on.  
Yep, today turned out to be a lovely day.  I still have my fruit and veggie shopping to do tomorrow as well as a doctor's appointment to go to and the chiropractors as well.  But that's another post for another day.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm/cool and remember, I'm always here.     

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