Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Weekend of Mess And Tidying Up

This morning, the sun was out.  After a weekend of cold, wind and rain, it's lovely to see the sun out today.  It's given me a chance to open the house up and do some things outside for a change too.  I got to and get the paper without having to roll up the legs of my jeans and wear a warmer jacket than needed.  I made delicious pancakes and plunger coffee and ate them while the radio played in the background while reading the paper.
After breakfast, I saw the cats from over the back fence in my yard.  Now, normally, I'd chase them out, but yesterday, they came in and let me pat them... really I think they were starving, so they just wanted to smooch somebody until they were fed.  Unfortunately, I didn't have anything to give them; but I did get the itches off them seeing I'm allergic to them.  They're such lovely cats too.

During the weekend, I've tidied up the house more, cleaned up next to the front door and made the space I need for the coat rack.  It all looks great.  I can't wait to go out tomorrow and get a new mat for the front door, the coat rack and a few other little things on the way through.  I'm going to make a day of it so I'm not going out all week until Friday; when I'm going out to lunch when a good friend.

Otherwise, this weekend, I've been cleaning, tidying up and washing up too after I made a right mess of the kitchen.  The rubbish was put out and the old pillows on my bed were changed over for new ones; with the old ones thrown into the bin straight away.  It's been a good weekend for either reading or watching dvds; and I've done a bit of both as I've edited a speech I have to make next Sunday at the Logan Arts Festival for Ged Maybury.  I've almost finished it and have to edit it one more time before I know have finished it.  

Tomorrow is really going to be a busy one though as it's also my craft day over at Springwood; and so I'll be taking my blue trolley with me along with my art box and pegs and paint... it ought to be a good day.  hope to get more done there then I did last time; and I got to take along a few lots of my pegs too as one of the ladies said she wanted to buy some off me.  Anyway, that's all from me today about my weekend.  I've had so much to do and I feel as thought I'm just at the beginning of everything again - as it's still the beginning of the year a bit, and yet it's not - and I want to get this house on track by around my birthday in October.  That would be good, eh?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.    

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