Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What A Weekend!

Wow!  I feel as though I started last week, had appointments all week and didn't stop until yesterday afternoon... and now, I have time to scratch, I can catch up with my laundry, washing up and checking the mail.  And this morning, I finally caught up with two of those things - finally!
I'm so tired though.  I feel as though I could go back to bed and sleep another 6 hours.  But I won't, I'll just keep trudging along and doing what I normally do, but slower.

So, how was your weekend?  Busy as well? Or slower and more relaxed?  Mine was a bit of both, but I found it was busy on some aspects as well as being able to sit down for a while to catch my breath.

On Saturday, I watched The Hawks kick butt in Tasmania with The Dockers.  It was a great game; but the second half was brilliant!  While it going on, I make Pumpkin and Walnut Cannelloni.  Yummo!  I made sure I made a lot so I had enough for Sunday night; I knew that I'd be too tired to do anything for dinner.

Sure enough, on Sunday, it was a full day out and about.  Mum had invited me out to brunch at The Coffee Club at Stones Corner to commemorate Uncle Allan's passing away yesterday (as not everyone could make it yesterday).  Almost all of us had Eggs Benedict in some way shape or form.  I had tomato with mine, while Frank had spinach and mushrooms with his as well as salmon and other bitsAll but my cousin Kate had coffee (she had orange juice).  But we all had a lovely time talking about technology, holidays and fun times with Uncle Allan and other things too.  
Then, it was time to leave.  It had gone around 11:30am and we all had to be somewhere; especially us.  So, off we all went in our own directions.  And before we knew it, Mum, Dad and I were at the Kingston Butter Factory by around 1pm.  They had spent some time talking to Uncle Iain and Aunty Narelle after brunch, so that why's it took a while to get there.  However, we made it and Mum and Dad were only going to drop me off and take off home.  But they ended up staying to see how my speech went.  I kinda fumbled my way through, but once I said I was nervous and to excuse any mistakes, I got a few laughs from saying so, and I was on my way.  A train even drowned me out a bit and I waited for it go leave!  Talk about funny!  I got them laughing in the right places and Ged thought it was a good speech too.  We finally got the book 'Nosebleed' launched and he relaunched another book - 'I Am Leather-Man' from 2001 - and everyone was happy! We stuck around for a bit and then went home.  Mum and Dad said it was a good relaxing afternoon and that my speech was a little rushed, but they thought it was funny and light.  

Then yesterday, I was out the door at around 10am to catch a bus to Mum and Dad's place to attend my craft group at the Springwood Community Centre.  On the way, I picked up 2 boxes I'll be using at their place to store some stuff.  I spent my day trying out new patterns I had designed for my Crafty Pegs and finding that some of them worked out, while others didn't.  Anyway, that was my long, long weekend of a lot of things and activities.  How did you go with yours?  Was it rush, rush, rush?  Or hang out with friends and enjoy the time?  The weather was great for it wasn't it?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.        

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