Friday, April 5, 2013

Autumn Days Are Here To Stay

Last night, we had our first coolish night where I could snuggle under the covers and really get comfortable.  A cold breeze came in through the back bathroom window and it rained for a good part of the night... yep, Autumn is here.  To make its feeling more permanent, today has been cooler than yesterday.  

Well, I'm happy about this week for a couple of reasons.  I'm getting rid of this cold I've had since Easter Sunday, finally, and I've gotten into painting my clothes pegs again in a big way - as well as varnishing a whole lot of them, readying them up to sell.  I can't wait to make more sales as people on Facebook are getting to know my work now; and are sharing the photos of my Crafty Pegs on their walls (and these people are in America) so I might have some sales there yet. 

This weekend, I'm hoping to get in and work on vacuuming the house and putting away laundry as well as throwing out more crap I don't need - seeing Mum picked up the rest of the bags by my front door to take to Endo's.  I'm looking forward to being able to have a tidy house again.  I did have a very tidy house at one point, but now it's becoming cluttered... so I need to get it tidy again.
But working on painting and writing keeps me from doing that.  Oh well, It guess beggers can't be choosers when it comes to what has to be done around houses once the creative ideas come along.  I just have to keep my paints out to keep myself interested in it all so I keep my Crafty Pegs up-to-date and I can take orders if needs be.

I just hope I can shake this cold before next week, before I go shopping and before I go to the Logan Arts Festival.  I'd hate to sound all nasally to launch Ged Maybury's new book... wouldn't that be awful?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.    

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