Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's Lookin' Good!

Over the last few days, I've been in cleaning mode.  The townhouse has been tidied up from top to bottom and I have been enjoying the space I've gotten from it.  I have put all the mothballs I bought in their places and thrown out the old containers which had mothballs in them; but weren't there anymore.  I put my old, tattered teddy bear away in the vintage suitcase (simply because we can't do anything with him and I don't want him to be eaten by anything). 
The vacuum has been used downstairs and upstairs and in the bathroom and office.  The air conditioner has been switched on to have just the fan pull fresh air through the office so it doesn't keep the cold virus I've had over the last week - and it's worked!

I have dusted, cleaned, tossed out and replaced things and my wheelie bin has almost been full this week.  I'm happy say that I bought new pillows to sleep on today - just in time to have my cold go away... very cool.  And I got in and did a lot of shopping that was under my budget too.  Isn't it great when things like that happen?

Yeah, life is looking good at the moment.  I was able to buy new batteries for my Sonic Screwdriver, two new pillows, two ANZAC Day badges (one for me, one for Mum) and then I had to buy some medication at the chemist and was off to Coles to get the rest of my groceries.  I also ran into a 'Supernatural' fan at 'Woodys' who I chatted to about the show and how cool it was and the characters - and that car!  What a car!  Love that Impala! 
Anyway, I digress... I had the quietest cab driver - ever! Who didn't help me with my groceries at the shopping centre and only picked up 2 or 3 bags to carry them to my door out of 7 bags and my trolley at the end of my trip.  He wasn't very nice.  And I had him help me because the rubbish truck was outside my place collecting the bins... and we had to park somewhere else to drop me off.  He didn't like this and wanted to know exactly how far my house was... I told him which unit was mine and he still got a bit huffy about it.  Jeez, it's not like I got him to carry all my stuff another 500 metres; I didn't want him to frustrate the J.J Richards driver.

Before long, he was on his way and I struggled with my stuff like I normally did.  I found somebody had called me and the machine had picked up - it turned out to be Mum - and I've unpacked most of my stuff and found out I forgot to buy Nivea soap.  Well, I guess I can get that next Monday over at Mum and Dad's
Right now, it's just past 2pm.  I've chatted to my friend, Jeremy, who's asked me if we could postpone lunch until next week due to him having too much pain from a dental problem (well, of course... nothing worse than your teeth bothering you.  I should know).  He was relieved that I was flexible enough to do that.  This gives me more time to clean the house up right.  And then, I've been able to organise myself to fix up what I want to wear and get ready for next week.  
Tomorrow?  I'm fruit and veggie shopping.  It's something I love to do as I enjoy going for that morning walk to the Big Apple... it's just so lovely to arrive there so early and be able to spend my time there for what I need and not rush.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.       

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