Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Supernatural Is Awesome!

Okay, it's no secret around my family and on my Facebook page that I'm a huge fan of Supernatural.  I love the television series so much that I've changed the cover of my page to one that has 'The Road So Far' and a silhouette of the Impala driving along a darkened road with just one headlight (it's a shot from the first show of season 1.  But I love it!).  And I remember when I first watched this show all those years ago thinking it might not come to much; that I'd watch it and not worry so much of it... that I couldn't become as much of a fan of it as I did when 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' came out.

Boy, was I wrong about that!

Very wrong!

I started really getting into it and not wanting to miss any episodes of it.  My folks found it hard to get me to go on holidays when I wanted to stay home and see it on tv.  I was the same way when 'Moonlight' was on (you know the one with the vampire investigator who only worked to rid L.A. of evil?  It only went for one season).  Anyway, I was dragged off to the coast and I ended up sulking and brooding down there while I missed two episodes and the show had big scripting problems and suffered through the writer's strike in 2009 or so.  It was dreadful.

But when 'Supernatural' hit our screens, I was totally hooked from the pilot.  It was something I had never seen before with actors I'd never heard of before in it with a hot, gorgeous car I'd love to own in it.  And that's the main attraction in it.  This show built from one episode of jaw-dropping violence, supernatural themes and fast action with two very hot, delectable men in it and I just couldn't wait until the following week.  And seeing that 'Three Rivers' had been axed at the pilot, I hoped 'Supernatural' wasn't heading towards the same fate... and it didn't.  I loved it and have watched it ever since.
I boasted and bragged about it and tried to tell my family the story about it; and failed.  It's so hard to explain the whole thing of this show to anyone who doesn't watch it - and hasn't watched it from the very beginning - and they come in halfway through.  And this is something my Dad did one Monday night.  He decided to turn it on and watch an episode and found it was grotesque and disgusting.  After the first 10 minutes, during the advert break, he called me saying it was a sickening and horrible show and he doesn't know why I watch it.  I told him that he can't just jump into the middle of the season, because it's like opening a book in the middle and expecting to know what's going on... he didn't want an explanation and didn't want to know anything about it since.  However, my niece watches it and loves it and so do some of my friends.

I do love how the story is turning out.  I have just finished watching the first five seasons again; and it's been a great ride to remember what happened, who's been in it and how it's all been turned around and come back.  Now, I've gone out and ordered in seasons 6 and 7 and I'm waiting for season 8 to come out as it's still being shown on tv and a date for its release hasn't been set.  
Now, today, I've only just heard that the producers and writers have decided that there will be another two seasons on top of the ones already there... so there will be seasons 9 and 10 coming up.  And Jared and Jenson are ready and willing to step up to the plate for the job.  It's been a great show and seeing it's been so successful and the franchise is rolling along so well, they want to keep it going as the fans don't wish it to go away.  So, I'm looking forward to this whole thing and to see how far it will go. 

So, what big show series are you a fan of?  Be it 'Dark Angel', 'Buffy' or 'Angel', let us all in on your guilty pleasure of television series.  Do you own the whole series of one or the other - or all of them?  And do you have weekends where you have a marathon of particular shows?  Do tell, love to know what you all get up to with these old - and new - shows.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.       


  1. isn't into science fiction shows or movies. I am more intreested in watching reality game shows.

    1. Hey, each to their own I guess. However, seeing I write this kinda stuff, I'm really into watching it on television.

      Just like you love the reality shows, I'm not really into them.