Saturday, April 20, 2013

First Date In Eight Years

Yesterday, I had my first date in 8 years.  I was a little nervous about it and wondered how it'd go.  Would I feel terrible, would it be good, would it fun?  I didn't know until it happened.  And I found it was like getting together with a friend; good wonderful friend.  And I'm pleased it was like this.
Jeremy and I chatted for an hour at Rocky's Bakehouse and enjoyed the time of lunch while we swatted away flies and listened to the traffic.  We had our laughs; but we also talked seriously about how we felt about starting a new relationship in our lives, how much it scared us both and what we expected out of it.  
Soon, I were walking towards my place.  I had been to The Big Apple where I had to pick up a few things for dinner, and I suggested we head back to my place to have a serious sit down and talk in a better environment where we could be comfortable.  And it was good to be able to kick back and listen to some music and talk about funnier times in our lives.  
Jeremy and I have a lot in common; and just enough not in common to get along.  I don't want to change him and he doesn't want to change anything about me, which is great.  We have talked about our differences in religion and how he eats meat and I don't, how he smokes and I don't (but he's looking at giving up because he doesn't want to smoke around me) and he loves it that I enjoy gardening and cooking too - and that is real home-made cooking - and not take away food.  And the best thing is that we're not rushing into anything; we don't want to hurry as there's not real deadline to rush towards.  I don't want kids and he knows why.   He knows about my Epilepsy and loves my book collection and how I think.  He also likes how I think too... this one is a rare find and I'm not about to let him go.  

I've had so many good ones slip through my fingers over the years simply because I didn't realise they were good ones.  And now, I've been able to identify Jeremy as a good one (and from my past experience, I've been able to spot from the last few I missed out on,I spotted this in Jeremy), I'm not about to let him go.  I want to take the leap of faith and see where this leads us.  But I'm in no rush and hurry about this.  I'm not the marrying type, but if this leads to a lasting relationship, well, so be it.  If it leads to marriage, okay.  We know we both have luggage as we're at the age where each of us has it, each of us are both set in our ways and don't want to change or be changed by someone or for somebody.  And this is something we have talked about... I'm just glad we're being so honest about it all up front, and I look forward to the next time I see Jeremy.  He went home at 4pm yesterday as he had to travel for over an hour to get home down the coast.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.   

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