Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Monday

Happy Easter, everyone!  It's the long weekend and I'm not all that great.  Yep, I've got a cold.  It started happening with a croaky throat last week, but I ignored it and didn't worry too much about it, until I had a terrible temperature on Saturday night.  
Oh well... this happens to the best of us.  Anyway, I'm going okay.  My nose is blocked, throat is a little sore and I'm feeling like my head is full of cotton wool, but otherwise I'm normal.  Well, as close to normal as I'm gonna get! 

Yesterday, the Easter Bunny paid me a visit with dark chocolate and expensive chocolate too... yummo!   Then I spent all day doing what I do best - hanging out on the net and writing a bit.  After that, I had a boiling hot shower and tried to clear out my head with the steam from the shower, washed my hair and felt a lot better for it.  Mum and Dad paid the fastest visit under the sun - and approaching storm clouds - I've ever seen so we could swap Easter goodies.  And while they were here I got them to pick up a plant for Riley I had been planning on giving her for Easter instead of chocolate.  It's a Money Plant, or better known as a Small Leaf Jade, and I hope she likes it.  It's in a nice big pot, so she won't have to repot it for a while.  Well, Mum and Dad took it with them, along with their Easter goodies and Gabe and Kat's as well.

Last night, I sat down and watched the returning season of Dr Who!  Yay!  At last, it's back!  I loved the show.  There were twists and turns in it and a brilliant back-story in it too... and I can't wait until next week when it continues.  Anyway, after the show, I put on another disk from Season 1 of 'Supernatural' and watched 2 shows to get me up to Disk 4... then I jumped online, checked my mail and other stuff and went to bed.

Today, I was up early, showered and ate breakfast.  I put away last night's washing up, swept out the carport, put some stuff in the green waste bins up the back and then got in and did the laundry, and hung some out.  Then, it was back into housework.  I put away the fan in the lounge (as I haven't used it in a while) and then gathered up the recycling and put it into the lounge - where it's still sitting for now.  I sitll have to get in and work on a few other things today before I stop and take it easy.  I've had the radio on since 7:50am or so and after I fed the fishies.  It's been a busy old morning and I need to Glen 20 the house again to get rid of this damn cold quickly.  

So, what have you been up to today?  Are public holidays days where you do a lot of work, or are they do nothing days where everyone sleeps in?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm/cool and remember, I'm always here.      

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