Sunday, March 31, 2013

March Is Something Different!

Well, it's Easter Sunday and I've been working through the night to control the symptoms of a cold.  Yuk!  I woke this morning from a dream about a weird dream about The Doctor and a red tardis and found myself sweating terribly.  So, after taking a couple of painkillers, I went back to sleep and dreamt the same dream, but the tardis was blue.  Weird, eh?
But I also slept so much better until the alarm went off.

This month has been one for travel, interesting places and great purchases too.  I spent a good part of this month away from home; and at my brother's place at Brighton.  I was house sitting there while he and his fiance were on holidays in New Zealand.  And so I spent time at their house on the net, walking around the area, tending to the chickens and being eaten alive by the millions of mosquitoes which are the size of a pea.  I was also kept company by quite a few geckoes and a hord of ants... one colony of which I had a war with - but I'm not sure if I won or not.  They did back for for the time being out of the guest house.
Anyway, I enjoyed being there but I did miss my books, my vinyls and my little garden.  The chickens all had personalities of their own and going shopping was a huge ordeal - bigger than it is here at home - and I tried not to go if I didn't need to. 

Once I was back here at home, I had a few things to get done.  I was online quickly and had the television hooked back up and the antenna fixed completely.  There were 3 good days of reception before a massive storm hit and I lost that reception.  By Wednesday night, I my reception back again for good; just in time for Dr Who's new season tonight and the return of 'Supernatural'.  How cool is that?

This month, I bought a great vintage suitcase to put all my old stuff into.  I learned to cook a new vegetarian meal (which I've cooked again since I got home and it was even more delicious the second time around!).  And I have seen that my garden was up to a lot while I was away... flowering, long lawns and edges and it had been working hard to surprise me as it usually does when I'm not here.  

Before I got back, I was invited to make a speech at the Logan Arts Festival to help launch Ged Maybury's new book - 'Nosebleed'.  I said I would and started on the speech immediately.  And now I'm back, I went to Ged's birthday a few days later and he gave me his new book to read and I've finished it in a day.  And now all I need to do is get over this darned cold and finish the speech for 21st April (it should be gone by that time).  I can't wait to get in and do it at the Logan Arts Festival.

Well, that's all from me here.  It doesn't seem as though I've done a lot this month; but I have.  There was a lot of painting, reading, chicken minding and funny stuff done... as well a very original mosquito killing dance that I only of ... and a speech to get written too.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm/cool and remember, I'm always here.   

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