Friday, March 8, 2013

The Longest Quick Shop I've Ever Done

Today, I thought it was high time I left the house and took off into Sandgate Township by bus.  This house has been a nice little haven, but I was beginning to need a few things from Woolworths and so, I organised myself this morning after breakfast, after putting Houdini - the forever escaping chicken - back in the coup with the other chickens and feeding them all and then organising some money for myself too.  I checked the time tables and found that the time I wanted to catch the bus and the time the bus actually came were a long way apart; so I decided to walk up to 'My Beads' and have the clasp on my new necklace replaced.  The lady who was there today wasn't the same as the other lady who was there the other day.  So, I had to explain what happened with the necklace.  Fortunately, she understood completely and offered up a few other solutions in the clasp family.  Then she saw how bad I really was with clips and offered up a toggle; and we found this was so much better!
After having a bit of a chat with her, I was on my way to see if Pete's Corner Store had what I needed for the chickens.  However, it didn't.  But it does have a wide variety of books and magazines, two of each I picked out and bought.  Before long, I was outside and found the 311 Wiz bus coming along, so I caught that into Sandgate.  It didn't take long to get there - all of 10 minutes - and I was soon walking in to Woolworths to do my shopping.  

But it was trip home that took far longer than I anticipated.  I went back to the bus stop that I got off at - thinking it would be the one which would also take me home.  Boy!  Was I wrong about that!  I waited for half an hour and it didn't come.  I had some people tell me one thing, then others tell me something else.  Then, one lady came by and she said I was at the wrong stop and it was best if I caught the bus outside Woolworths... and yes, that was right!  The driver who brought me home, was the same one who took me into Sandgate.  And by the time I got home to my brother's house, it was past 1pm.  I had caught the bus at around 11am.  What a day!  The good thing is that I had gotten everything I needed and really wished I had taken in my shopping trolley... well, I'll learn next time I go in that no matter how small the shop, I'll take in my trolley.

When I arrived home - thanks to the driver dropping me off at the right stop when I asked him to take me to the nearest stop to Gabe & Kat's house - I found Houdini out of the coup again!  It was time for me to check the hutch for eggs anyway.  And as I did, I turned and found Houdini squeezing herself under the gate of the coup!  Cheeky little chicken!  I found a piece of timber and lodged it under the gate and this made sure she didn't get out.  

Well, that was my day.  How was yours?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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