Sunday, March 24, 2013

Big Saturday, Relaxing Sunday

Wow!  What a week!  I had a week that was like a Tardis... sersiously... it appeared to be just 7 days long, but I fitted so much more into it than I normally would; and it felt as though it lasted longer than my normal week.

I came home on Thursday from Brighton where there were cheeky chickens and fresh eggs and mosquitoes were big blood-suckers that followed me around at dawn and dusk.  I hated them... and the mozzie repellent didn't work.  I had to pick up my television from Eagle Farm with my Mum and Dad and we had to cross the Gateway Bridge twice to get the tv back and other time to get home!  And once home, my tv still didn't work - but we knew why.  It was the antenna, not the tv.

On Friday, I went to Garden City nice and early to do some banking and to buy some food.  It was also the day the antenna guys came out to fix my television.  I wasn't home, but Dad went on my behalf.  And by the time I arrived home on the next bus, they had been and gone and Dad was just locking up.  We tried out the television and it worked!  Yay!  I was happy, so was Dad.

Then, yesterday, I was invited out to Ged Maybury's birthday lunch at his place.  He's an author and wonderful friend of mine who I've known for around 20 years, and lost touch with until I found him on Facebook.  We've been chatting and swapping ideas a lot lately and he asked me give the speech to launch his new book at the Logan Art's Festival next month.  So, yesterday, I was at his house to help celebrate his birthday and he gave his new book to read.  And during Earth Hour last night, I got halfway through it... yeah, it's  thin book, but it's also a funny one.  I finished it before going to bed last night.  

Today, I woke up to my alarm and didn't want to get out of bed.  I have been getting up early for the last 4 days, to run around, to get things done... to be on the go... and I just wanted to sleep in today.  And I did.  I didn't get up and started breakfast until 8am; and it felt good to just laze around for a while.  
This afternoon, I have to get in and work on getting my house tidied up again. I've still got stuff everywhere from unpacking.  The vintage suitcase I bought from Electea is still sitting by the wardrobe doors waiting to be used, and yet I've finally hung my necklace-holder and am using it and the lawn has been mowed too.  So, I guess I've gotten a few things done, but not all things.  

However, this week will be a busy one too.  I'll be going to my Craft Group tomorrow afternoon, then on Wednesday it's a shopping day back here in Logan City (thank goodness).  Then on Thursday, I have to go to the Chiropractors to see how my back is doing.  I haven't had any twinges lately and so I'm hoping I don't have to get it looked at too much.  Otherwise, this week is going to be a very busy week before it even starts.  How is your week shaping up?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm/cool and remember, I'm always here.  


  1. Use the gateway toll road all the time! It's saves alot of travelling time to travel to the other side of Brisbane. Have used Clem 7 on odd occassions. The last time I used Clem 7 tunnel was about two weeks ago to travel to RBH during peak hours to visit a sick relative.

    1. We were really tired from picking up Gabe and Kat from the airport, then packing my stuff and then having to go to and from across that bridge just to pick up my tv set from Panasonic - and it wasn't even broken - and then come all the way back.

      A very exhausting day.