Friday, March 15, 2013

Morning Walk and Great Coffee

Today - this morning - I made a plan.  I wanted to get a few chores done before I went out to a coffee place on Queens Parade.  Seeing I didn't know how far away it was, I thought to get in and do my chores, pack my bag and make sure I had enough money to get home by bus.  
Well, by around 9am, the chickens had been fed, their laying box was turned the right way up - with hay in it - and I had swept the floors, washed up, put away anything I needed putting away and readied myself to go out.  My new Bean Pole bag had a broken clip on it, so I taped that up and it worked well (for now) and I grabbed my sun umbrella and was out the door after I turned off the radio and locked up the house.

The walk to Eclectea Vintage Tea Shop was lovely; long, but still lovely.  Queens Parade is a long, flat road that comes off Nathan Street and it's full of WWII  homes that have been looked after well.  They're small, pretty little houses with tiled roofs and picture-perfect front gardens and medium-sized fences that line a busy road.  Back in the years they were built, this road would have been a quiet little street full of families during the war.  Now, it's an old area full of families but they're renovating the houses to either look bigger or keep them looking the same as they did when they were in their heyday.

I soon arrived at the corner crammed full of shops - from a butcher, dog-groomer, hair-dresser, organic juice shop and then, the massive store of Eclectea which took the whole corner up as its own.  When I first walked in, I thought the place was two separate entities; but I was mistaken as people walked through to the coffee house section and were greeted by the owners by name.  Their faces lit up when I walked up with a vinyl I had found in their collection - and wanted - as I was a new customer.  I asked for an ice coffee and they recommended a bottled one without a label called 'Cleanskins'.  I was curious at how good it was and so tried it out at their recommendation.  I looked around and wondered where to sit; and thought to grab a seat outside... where I could see the world go by for a while.  
The tables and chairs were all vintage living room furniture and everyone who arrived and had their morning brew lounged around happily taking in the morning sun and the nice cool breeze as they watched the traffic zip by.  Here within the boundaries of the coffee house, time seemed to stand still or slow down.  Everyone didn't want to leave; and we weren't encouraged to either, which is a good thing.  It made me feel good that I wasn't rushed away by anyone to make more room, or forced to order more just so I could stay longer... and isn't that nice when you're allowed to kick back and enjoy a place just because you want to?  
Well, I went back inside to return the bottle to the owners and found a lovely two-tone teapot hiding behind a sign.  I asked how much it was to buy and it was a good reasonable price of $10.  So, I bought not only that but some munchies for my folks too when they come to visit tomorrow and mow the lawn.  I'm looking forward to seeing them.  

So, that was my morning walk.  I totally enjoyed it.  What have you been up to lately which has been noteworthy?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm/cool and remember, I'm always here.


  1. Sandgate would be more upper class then Woodridge.

    1. Most definitely... less violent and a lot quieter. However, almost nobody has talked to me here. I've had two lots of visitors in a week... no phone calls (except Mum and Dad) and it's very hard to get anywhere without a car.

      Otherwise, they really, really, really need a fresh fruit market on nearly every corner - in my honest opinion; as I miss The Big Apple around my way at home.