Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Tad Homesick

If yesterday is anything to go by, I really wished I was closer to home at Logan City right now.  Shopping yesterday was a train wreck and I hated it.  
As I pointed out, Life Line was a complete rip-off; as their prices were dreadfully high for a charity store.  And the things they were selling cheaply weren't supposed to be sold at the cheaper prices, but a little elevated.  The clothes - no matter how nice - should have been discounted more so to be competitive with Target and K-Mart not their equal.  I could have walked into Rivers and bought two dresses for the price of one dress in Life Line here at Sandgate.
And Woolworths was disgusting.  Because they have monopolised the town centre, they have the last say of who buys where.  So, they can put the prices up or down and people have to pay them.  This is very wrong.  Now, what they need to do is put a Coles in nearby and the competition would be equal and people would have a choice.  Sandgate Town Centre would grow and they wouldn't have to cut any bus services.
Yeah, you read right... they're cutting buses here.  They have a few of them running around the area and they are cutting one bus - 310 - and a train to Toombul Shopping Town.  Now, the latter is being cut for 6 months, but that's a long time if you don't have any other way to get to Toombul.  And they're not going to put in a connecting bus service between here and Toombul Shopping Town; which really is bad.

What this area needs is a collection of shops to connect everything together.  There are spots of shops and cafes, but they are in little clumps where nobody goes, buses can't get to them and nobody can just walk to them on a whim.  I spotted a cafe in a clump of shops I wanted to look at, but I can't get there unless I catch a bus - and time it right - and I really, really want to, walk home.  This will suck badly.  So, what they need to do is make it worthwhile to get there.  This place is too spread out, with everything too far from each other and not enough people talking to each other.  I haven't spoken to a single neighbour since I arrived here over a week ago; not even to say hello, and this makes me feel very isolated.  But if I was at home, I'd have plenty of people to say hi to in a morning or afternoon.  

In the last few days, I had a big problem with ants.  They had invaded the guest house and were making themselves right at home.  I fought them off and used cinnamon sticks and vinegar to keep them out of this place.  But getting rid of them initially was hard.  I was going to spray them with insecticide but there wasn't a single can of the stuff in the house.  I knocked on a neighbour's door across the road, and he wasn't home.  However, I found that most people weren't... so I wondered how I'd get rid of them until I found the above remedy online.  
This invasion has really bothered me though.  I don't like the idea of having to battle something on my own when I can't lay my hands on a can of surface spray... even I have some of that stuff sitting around my house just in case I need it.  I've even got Ant Sand for the bigger nests of ants; but not here.

But I have been homesick because of all the above things.  I'm so used to having a green grocer down the road all the time.  It's so good to know that if I ever need anything at home, I can just take a wander down to The Big Apple and all I need is right there for me to pick up.  I've missed eating at 'Rocky's Bakehouse' too... yeah, I really have.  I miss the bus ride to Logan Central to do my shopping where everything is very cheap and I can walk everywhere and catch a cab home that is under $15. 
Most of all, I'm really missing my place.  I miss books, vinyls, kitchen, garden, piano ... everything about my place... in particular, my bed!  There's something about having your own place that really makes it real.  I don't mind living like this; but if there was a green grocer and a few things that were of interest nearby, I'd have more fun being here.  However, there isn't.  It takes money to get anywhere... whereas I could walk to a thrift shop or across the road to the post office or just 10 minutes to the chemist or 5 minutes to buy the Sunday paper.  It takes much longer here.  Well, it's just homesickness... and I hate it.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm/cool and remember, I'm always here.

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