Sunday, March 17, 2013

This Weekend

It's not yet gone midday and I've gotten a lot done in my day.  I've got 4 loads of laundry done, the chickens have been fed and patted (to make them lay more eggs) and I've been to the store up the road to buy a paper and a few little essentials and milk.  The laundry was finished by around 10am and I'm glad it's turning out to be a hot day; as it's going to dry nicely.  I've also done a few bits of my own laundry so I don't have to do any when I get back home.

But it was yesterday that was the busiest day for me. I had a day full of visitors and they were my parents.  I haven't had people around here since Geoff and Vivenne came here with Little Zoe for dinner the week before; and so it's been very quiet here.
Dad got in and went to mow the lawn, but found there was no petrol or oil for the mower or whipper-snipper... this frustrated him as they really should have kept it up.  And the lawn mower he found didn't work properly, so he pulled the one from under the house and it worked but the catcher was small and he had to stop every now and then to empty it.  So, the job that was supposed to easy turned out to be something hard; this made him really impatient.  And really, I don't blame him.
But they were impressed that I have kept the house as clean as possible.  But the bathroom wasn't as clean as they expected.  I said I have been trying to keep things as tidy as possible by sweeping up, wiping down the counters and washing up as much as possible.  Mum told me a few home truths (which I can't put here as it's not right) and I said that I'm doing what I'd only do at home; she's pleased I'm keeping up with it all too.
By the time I did the World's Greatest Shave event at Redcliffe, and then had some lunch, Dad thought to have a shower and we wanted to have a cuppa... so we jumped in Mum's Pajero and I showed them Eclectea - the tea and coffee place I went to the other day.  Well!  They loved it.  It was full of stuff that Mum loved and Dad got in and remembered a lot of the things he used to see when he was young.  Then, the shop keeper turned around and remembered my name from my Facebook entry on their Facebook wall.  Mum was amazed the lady remembered so many people.  We got a coffee going and something to eat and sat outside in the nice cool breezes and drank our our coffees... it was lovely.  And seeing we were the last customers for the day, the owner got to kick back a little and talk to us too.  She loved my hair (as I hadn't washed the colour out yet) and she thought it was a good cause to support.

But today is going to be a hot one.  So, I'll be just kicking back here and enjoying my Sunday.  I've read the paper and had breakfast.  Might just surf the net and hang out and do nothing in particular... yep, that sounds good.  What are you up to on this St. Patrick's Day?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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