Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Very Long Day

It has been the longest day! My day started at 7am at Logan City. It took me to Springwood, Eagle Farm and then to Toombul Shoppingtown before my brother and I finally arrived at Brighton, where I'll be spending a week or two caring for their chickens and their house. 
While we were out and about I scored a wicked umbrella which looks like a Samurai sword and we ate the worse sushi ever! By the time we arrived home we both felt very average and I had a pounding headache.  So, after a fair bit of water and two painkillers and fresh air I was feelings whole lot better. 
Soon I was unpacked and Gabe was readying the place and himself so I could care for this place as easily as possible. The chickens were allowed out and we fed them. He showed me around the yard too. And before long, Kat arrived home. Before she did, he and I went to the post office up the road to pick up a parcel and I paid for my PO Box rental. The people there said I was a long way from home and thought it was nice that I was here looking after my brother's house while he was on holidays.

Well, we had dinner of home made pizza and watched a comedy series off the net. Now it's getting really late. Now I'm sitting up in bed listening to the wind outside rustling the trees. I hope I can get to sleep tonight. Until my next post take care, keep warm/cool and remember, I'm always here.

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