Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lazy Hazy Sunday

It's a lazy Sunday... lazy indeed.  I've done virtually nothing all morning but be on here since around 9am.  However, I've been up and about since 7am doing chores and walking up to the shop to get a paper that I never returned home with. Silly me, I forgot my $2.00 to buy it.  Oh well, never mind.  I know roughly what's on the tv by channel surfing.  

On the way home, I ran into a young woman who had two Labradors - one golden and one chocolate.  Both these dogs were still in the puppy stage and not fully trained.  While she was trying to text somebody, they spotted me and nearly tripped her up!  Talk about funny.  I did her a favour and patted the dogs while she stood there and texted whoever she needed to so the two didn't wrap the leads around her or take her for an unexpected run somewhere.  They were the friendliest dogs around... unlike the one I came across on the way to the shops.
That one was a large dog, heavily built with a muzzel around his mouth.  The owner pulled the lead short quickly on approaching me and held the dog close as we exchanged greetings.  And as he passed, the dog was clearly not pleased with me being that close as he growled at me.  I wasn't worried; as dogs normally don't worry me if they're controlled like that. 

Well, once back at the house, I was on chicken feeding duties.  The girls were so excited to see me with their corn and lettuce... and then I gave them feed and checked the coup where they overturned the laying box (again!). 
Then, it was my turn to eat.  I opened the blinds and turned on the radio and didn't want to make a mess this morning.  So, I just ate my muesli and listened to the radio for an hour before jumping online to upload some photos.  

Otherwise, it's just gone midday and I'm happy to say, today it going to be a day of doing nothing much. Yep, a lazy Sunday it's going to be... nothin' like one of those, eh?  I have done a few things around the place, like sweeping up the paths and tidying up the dirt the chickens throw around he place.  Since it's turned out to be a nice day, I've got in and done that with a broom and the rake... so the garden looks nice and tidy now, while the chickens looked on in wrapped interest of where they'll dig up next this afternoon.  

As for me?  I'll probably be either painting or reading.  It all depends on what I feel like doing.  I have to also do a shopping list for this Wednesday to get myself into Sandgate Township and back... that will be yet another adventure to talk about.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm/cool and remember, I'm always here.

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