Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Fine Day

This morning, my alarm woke me at 6am; but nearly slept through it.  However, it was until around 7am when I heard a chicken clucking outside my door that I jumped out of my bed, dressed quickly and raced out there and found the new brown chicken looking for me.  As I opened the door to the guest house, it turned around on the deck and looked at me as though I was the one who had been lost all this time.  Silly thing came running up to me for a pat and I asked what the hell it was doing out of the enclosure; and happily put her back with the other girls.
Soon enough, I got their breakfast together of freshly cut corn off the cob and shredded lettuce and plenty of seed; then prepared myself breakfast.  I uploaded Triple M online (as Gabe and Kat don't own a real stereo system like I do) and left the radio going all day.

By around 9:30am, I was trying to upload a photo and found some of the ones I took early this morning were blurry.  So, out came the camera again and I walked out into the garden to find the flowers again.  And who should I see wandering around outside the chicken coup again?  The brown chicken... she's got a cool name, but I renamed her Houdini as she gets out all the time.  For the rest of the day, I walked around the yard and made sure she didn't get out... silly to have to do that; but it's to make sure she stayed put.

This afternoon, I spent time talking to a friend on Facebook who lives down the coast near Dreamworld.  He and I had a good laugh over Neighbours and he kept forgetting where I currently was.  After that, I pulled out the easel and worked on my painting for around an hour and a half before putting it away and watching a bit of television and letting the chickens out - as I'm supposed to - until around 6pm; when they wouldn't go back inside the coup.  Eventually, they did, and I closed up the gate after checking for eggs (we got 2) and then coming back to the house for something to eat. 

Today was a relaxing day.  I spent tonight painting pegs and listening to the rain on the roof.  Yes, it's still raining at night; but the sun was out all day today.  I really should have done some laundry, but didn't trust the weather.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm/cool and remember, I'm always here.


  1. Just imagining you chasing the chickens back into their coop. LOL!

    1. I figured out how that one is getting out. She is skinny enough to squeeze under the closed gate of the coup... so, today, while I was collecting the two eggs the girls normally lay, I turned to find her doing just that! She was halfway under when I yelled at her to stop. She had the look on her cheeky little face of:'Oops, caught me!' I found a piece of wood and slotted it under the chicken wire and made sure she couldn't move it.

      Now, I have to make sure it's in that spot all the time. :P