Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Last Day In Brighton

Last night it rained.  Just before midnight, I put some pot plants out from under a cover and the way of the rain and just minutes after I closed the door to the guest house, I heard the rain pour from the dark night skies.  

How's that for timing?

Not long after, I climbed into bed, read a few pages of 'The Wastelands' by Stephen King and was off to sleep.  The rain kept on falling all night and I had to close the large sliding door so it didn't wet the carpet; the night cooled right down.

This morning, I woke to my alarm at 6am and heard a strange bird outside in the garden.  On looking out the window, I found one of the black chickens strutting around the lawn trying to look as though she was blending in with the scenery; and failing miserably.  So, I went out there in my pajamas and led her back to the chicken run, grabbed a leaf off a plant they all love and bribed her back inside.  
By the time I fed them, took some photos and was about to have my breakfast, I had to put her back into the run again and find out how she got out.  It wasn't hard, to find the hole she had pushed up... so I blocked that with a piece of wood and weighed it down with a paver and went about my day.  There was packing to begin doing.

I folded all my clothes and repacked my bag, sorted out the blue trolley, put the lids on the spray varnish (which never got used) and the mozzie repellent and put them both into the milk crate.  Then, I put away quite a few things in my Bookcrossing bag and organised myself well enough to survive the day.  In the kitchen, I found everything I needed to be able to grab it and pack it later tonight.  The mineral was pulled out of the fridge outside to warm up and the cranberry juice was left out as well so it could also warm up and I could pack it.  The dark chocolate was moved from the freezer to the fridge - right next to the cheese - and I made sure that I washed up everything tonight and vacuumed the whole house this afternoon while the repeat of 'The World's Biggest Losers' was on (exactly why channel 11 is putting that on every afternoon is beyond me, but it seems to pull an audience).  

Anyway, after I watched my usual shows tonight, I packed up my painting kit for the pegs, put away everything else that needed putting away, washed up everything possible, cleaned my stuff out of the bathroom and made about 4 trips to and from the house to get my stuff here into the guest house and ready to go for tomorrow morning to leave early.

I'm excited about going home.  I'm also very excited about picking up my television set from Panasonic.  You see, guys, I've had the biggest problems with reception on it.  But when we got it there, they couldn't find anything wrong with it and didn't bother telling me.  So, they were going to make me wait another month until they replaced something in it that didn't need replacing... stupid really.  Well, I can pick it up tomorrow and take it home.  The guy said it looks like it's the antenna; that we'll have to either get a bigger or stronger one, or that we'll have to get one where it's positioned higher and strapped down - seeing my house is situated lower down than most people's in the unit complex.

Well, there's still a few things to get done, but those jobs can wait until tomorrow morning.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm/cool and remember, I'm always here.

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