Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Short Mid-Week Madness

It's Wednesday and it's also a shopping day.  I got away early so I could get home early too.  However, I found that when I arrived at the stores, footpaths were being dug up and drainage was being put in by the shopping centre management.  The bus driver also nearly went past my stop too; until I called out and asked him to stop.  

Well I'm relieved to say that I'm happy to be back at Logan Central Life Line where everything is at a reasonable price.  I found a gorgeous, long denim skirt - something I've been searching for a long time now.  It's a size too big, but I haven't seen a long denim skirt in such a long time; and have wanted one for years.  Now, to save up for cool, brown boots... they'll look good.
And while I was there, I found a box with 'Dusk' on it with a proper 'Dusk' item inside it which has never been unwrapped.  So, I had a good look at it and bought that too.  Now, it's all unwrapped and looking pretty... a candle sitting on blue stones in heatproof glass.  I'm happy with it... for $3.00, it was worthwhile.

While at Woolworths, I bought my Easter pressies for Mum and Dad and Gabe and Kat.  Then, I ran into Rachel Griffiths who used to live here at the unit complex.  She and her now former partner lived at unit 12 around 8 years ago, and now she's bought a house at Crestmead.  It was so good to run into her and catch up.  She's amazed that so much has changed, and yet it's still the same.  

I walked to Logan Central Plaza and found myself at True Hardware - well, not really.  The place had closed down because Bunnings had taken away all its customers; and it closed down over the last few weeks.  Bugger... I was going to go in and get some big garden stakes for out the front.  Oh well, I headed off to K-Mart and found some mahogany ones for $9.00 for 6.  Not bad.  
Then, I got on with my shopping.  Went to the chemist and on to Coles where I bought everything on my list on my iPod.  The good thing is that I found myself removing some things off the list and replacing them with other things I'd like to try out.  The good thing was that I didn't have to wait for long to get a cab home.  And the driver thought my antenna looked hilariously funny; and hoped it was fixed soon.

Anyway, that's me.  I got myself a new next door neighbour yesterday.  And right on sunset, the antenna was fixed by the guys who fixed it up last Friday morning before the storm.  It just needed pulling back up, clipping back into place and the u-bolts replacing as they had been ripped out by the wind.  The guys ended up wearing head-lamps and working as the sun went down.  I was happy.  Then my new neighbour came home and they checked her reception on her television to make sure hers was working well too.  

Tomorrow, I'm out all day because Friday is Good Friday... making this a short week.  Well, until next time take care, keep safe and warm/cool and remember, I'm always here.       

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