Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Packing Day

Yep, I'm packing today... I'm also doing my last lot of laundry too.  It's a day of of cleaning up, tidying up and making sure everything I brought to the house is with me in the final sweep on Wednesday night and Thursday morning. As much as I've enjoyed being here, I can't wait to get home. 

However, there's also the account of my television too.  I put it in to get repaired on 5th, March and it's still waiting on parts to show up.  From what I've been told by the phone lady at Panasonic, I'll be waiting for it to be fixed until 15th, April!  Since when were we living in the 1960's?  I do believe in keeping the customer happy; and if you can't fix a television in 2 weeks, well, you replace it.  I told her this in a much more pleasant way and she agreed with me and told me that she'd get in contact with the repair guy... who has yet to contact me today about what's to be done.  I hope I'm not stuck without a television for too long.

Anyway, this morning, I was cleaning out the chicken's coup when I found a small Cane Toad in their water... so I picked it up and tossed the whole thing over the fence into the garden.  Well, I wore the water and let the toad out too!  Yuk!  And I was wearing clean jeans as well!  I grabbed the rake, found the toad, and flung it over the back fence so it didn't hurt the chickens. 
As I grabbed the feed for the chickens, I turned and found the damned toad had escaped the toss and was sitting on a length of wood near the top of the fence.  So, out came the broom and I killed it.  now, I had to clean it up... I found a brush and dustpan and made sure it was over the back fence this time nowhere near the chickens.  I cleaned out where the chickens slept, the laying box and gave them clean hay.  They're happy chickens now.
I did all this before eating any breakfast myself... and I still hadn't put on the radio or opened the house when I returned from the back of the yard.  I also put the jeans that were wet on for a wash (and anything else that needed a wash too) and also began packing a few things away for my trip home.

I have enjoyed being here at Brighton, but I really do miss my house at Logan.  I'm looking forward to getting back onto my computer, reading the books in my collection and getting back into my yard (particularly seeing it may need a mow badly) and that I will have my stereo system and turntable to play with too... yay!  Can't wait!  
But what I find when I'm on holidays is that I always return with new things.  This time, I have come home with a teapot, a vintage suitcase, a bag, half a paua shell and a vinyl.  Not too bad in the way of souvenirs if you ask me; and they're all second-hand too.  And I'm going to take care of them all and give them a second life in my house.  I have made sure they will all have a use in my life; and not just sit around and do nothing but gather dust.  

Well, I'm hoping to make up an album of what I've been doing and gotten up to here at Brighton this time around so you can all see it soon.  Until I do, I hope you have enjoyed reading my posts about this fortnight here.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm/cool and remember, I'm always here.

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