Saturday, March 2, 2013


Okay, I've left this until the last few days to tell you guys.  I'm going on a holiday.  I'm house sitting for a bit at my brother's house.  This ought to be a lot of fun as it's over at Brighton again - just like last October, but not.
This time, I'm going to be at another house where they own it, not rent it.  And this time, the place is going to be a lot different.  The chickens don't get out and Jay won't be there; which will be a pity because I really did enjoy having her around when I was there last time.  Let's face it, she was great company - even though she was pining after Kat and Gabe by Thursday morning; which wasn't good.  I did try throwing the ball for her and took her for a walk every day and hung out with her all the time but she just wanted her owner home.

It hasn't been easy to pack for this trip this time around, though.  With the weather wet, wet and ... hell... wet... getting laundry done and dry has been a real challenge.  I have gotten all my sheets done, dried and changed over, all my clothes I want to wear for the time away washed and kept separate.  I've organised myself some food to take with me in a milk crate, arranged my art supplies in my art box, am taking along my shopping trolley and making sure that what I take is easy to pack and unpack.  I don't want to have too much stuff where it'll be plastic bags hanging off things; just a few things and that's it and I'll have all I need with me in some concise pieces and that's all.  

Over the last week, I have been picking up stuff at Garden City, doing my shopping, picking up only a little of the fruit and veggies I need at The Big Apple and paying all the bills that have come through.  I wrote out a to-do list on my iPod and have done a few of the things on it to get organised - this list has everything to do with packing so I don't forget anything.  There's still a lot of cleaning to do; but I'll do that tomorrow when my jeans are nice and dry and the clothes horse is put away.  
Then, there's the car port to sweep out, the floors to wash, the vacuuming to do, the toilets to clean, the bathroom to tidy, the rest of the laundry to put away (after I pack what I need to) and then I can finish organising my holiday stuff.  I have a feeder for the fish; and I have yet to clean out their filter today too.  So, there's a bit to do around the place.  However all of this will only take about a day or so do do, not to worry.  And it's the small stuff I worry about when I pack, not the big stuff; as they say, it's the devil in the details that make the big stuff worthwhile.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm/cool and remember, I'm always here.   

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