Friday, March 22, 2013

It's Only Friday?

I have had the longest week.  Truly I have.  Yesterday, I was up bright and early running around my brother's back yard after the black chicken who got out - again! - in my pajamas (stop laughing, it wasn't fun) at 6am.  Then, just when I thought the fun was over, the stupid thing got out again... so I thought, screw it!  They're coming home today, they can deal with it.  I had fed the chickens when I got the black chicken in at 6am and so she couldn't have been hungry, just cheeky.
So, I dressed, packed the rest of my things, curled my hair and got my bags all ready and packed up, zipped up and make-up on to done to go home.  Then, there was breakfast to be had and the house to open and other things to get done.  Fortunately the washing up had been done the night before, and the vacuuming had been done on Tuesday afternoon.  I had gotten all their laundry done on Sunday when we got that wonderfully scorcher of a day here in Brisbane.  
Anyway, about an hour after I had breakfast, I called Mum and asked if they were on their way, and found out they were were 10 minutes away... so I went and opened the car gate for them and waited for a few minutes and before long, the white Pajero showed up.  It was so good to see them all; and this included Jay the dog!  There were hugs all around from everyone; even Jay got a lot of pats and hugs... she didn't know what to do.

Mum put on some tea and Gabe and Kat grabbed their gear out of the back and we had some music on, they opened their mail and a parcel that had arrived the day they left.  They were really exhausted but happy there wasn't really anything to do seeing a lot of housework had been done.  So, I showed them what had been growing in the yard, and how many eggs they had and that the chickens loved a plant growing at their back fence... and they were bummed that the same chickens had also dug up a newly planted Paw-Paw Tree (and I hadn't noticed until Thursday morning that it was leaning... boy was I peeved!).  But they knew that there had been plenty of rain, a bit of heat and the chicken would have dug at freshly dug soil; and I wouldn't have noticed.  So, they pushed the plant straight again and put pavers around the base.
We finally sat down and had some tea letting Gabe and Kat tell us some wonderful stories about where they'd been, what they did and the types of seafood they had been getting into.  It was a wonderful adventure for them; and they want to see the South Island now.  Mum, Dad and I all said the South Island is very green, and lush with a lot more rainfallBut it's prettier than the North Island.

Before long, we were off to pick up my television from Panasonic where it had spent 2 weeks getting fixed.  But the guys there told us that it was working fine; and it was the antenna that needed fixing up, not the television.  So, we spent a good hour or so getting to this place and then getting back to my place where we unpacked everything and I spent the afternoon unpacking my stuff, plugging in my television and visiting The Big Apple down the road to get some fruit and veggies.  This place made me grateful of how close everything is here; compared to where everything is at Brighton, where it takes around 20 minutes' walk to get anywhere.  The buses are great, but it's the distances between shops and places that really bother me. 

Today, I was off to Garden City to pick up a few things, get some banking done and find a birthday gift for a friend - whose party I'm going to tomorrow at Slacks Creek.  While I was there, I received a phone call from my folks asking where I was and when I told them, they said the antenna guys wanted to fix the television antenna.  Seeing I couldn't be there, I let Dad go in my place.  Anyway, I got my shopping done - this includes my Easter Shopping at David Jones, picking up something to help hang a picture at the Riot Art shop and then getting some fresh fruit and veggies and cage-free eggs... I was home by a bit after midday.  And just as I was coming to my door, I found Dad locking up my house.  The guys had been and gone, changing over the booster for the antenna for a new, different, one and we tried out the television and it worked brilliantly!  And today's only Friday!  It's certainly been a long, long week!  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm/cool and remember, I'm always here.      

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