Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mother Nature's Rage

Today was horribly hot and sticky, so I stayed inside and didn't do much but hung about on the net with the air-conditioner going.  Not a bad deal, eh?

This arvo, after editing a Flash Fiction for 'Terrible Minds' blog challenge and posting it on one of my other blogs - then linking it to it - I jumped offline and went downstairs for something to eat.  I found it was horribly hot and didn't feel like anything much, so I prepared myself a platter of nibblies and settled in and watched the re-runs of 'Neighbours' on channel 11.  
By around 5pm, I had finished my meal-sized snack, had a shower and was channel surfingThen, I heard it... the first grumblings of a storm nearby.  The television was turned off, so was the booster, and then I rushed upstairs and unplugged the computer and the phone line into the modemThen, I cleared the storm drain and pulled down the candles to prepare for the worse and found my waterproof torch.
As I did all that, I looked outside and thunder rolled and lightning spat as the winds picked up! I had begun washing up and so I left that for a bit and went outside and pulled in my Gloxinia plant so it wouldn't get damaged and then closed the back door.  It was getting really hairy out there.
Two wheelie bins were knocked over, so I raced out there and picked them up, pulling them into my car port - as it wasn't too windy there - and then, I was upstairs closing the bathroom window and bedroom window when I heard a noise on my roof!  Something fell off my roof!  I had two things that could fall off:  my television antenna or the wirly-gig that was installed to keep the house cool.  So, I went downstairs to find out which it was and found my television antenna hanging down like a metal tree branch!  Damn, just when I got all that stuff fixed!  And I've only had 3 days of decent reception during the whole time I've had my new television! 
I smsed my folks and told them and then waited out the storm to make a phone call to them about what went on.

Not an hour after everything settled down, I heard a noise out the back... it was a young Magpie calling out.  I threw a towel over him and picked him up, felt his wings and all, and found he was okay... just separated from his family, that's all.  I tried calling the RSPCA and Wildlife Rescue, but both their numbers were really busy.  So, I called my folks again and they told me to leave him alone... I wish I didn't have to, but he wasn't injured just lost.  Poor little guy.  I hope he finds his way home.  Well, it's now just raining.
Tomorrow is my craft day and I'm supposed to be going out.  But if Mr Antenna comes out, I'll have to put that off until next week.  I hope my followers who live in Brisbane haven't had any damage from the storm tonight.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm/cool and remember, I'm always here.      

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  1. was at bowling when the storm hit. Driving home was in darkness as power was out in most areas and dealing with tree debris on the roads.