Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Long Weekend

This weekend is the beginning of the school holidays and it's also the long weekend for Easter; the time for everyone to make themselves ill on chocolate on Sunday.  
However, seeing I don't work full-time or have paid employment, this is just like any other weekend; and that can get kinda boring.  So, I'm going to make sure I'm going to be very busy this weekend.  I have a suitcase to put vintage things into and part of a house to sort out.  

Yesterday, I got all the banking done and finished up my veggie shopping, went to the chiropractors and found that the skirt I bought at Life Line was most probably going to fit Aunty Helen.  Oh well, there went my plans to find a long denim skirt... which I've been looking for for years.  I've loved those things for a long time.
Anyway, I dropped a bag into the guy down the road from Mum and Dad's place to get the clips fixed on it and will pick it up next Wednesday.  He and I brainstormed ideas on how to fix the clips and came up with a great idea.  I'll show you guys next week.

I had bought my 'Good Reading' Magazine and found I got a letter published in it - and this means I get 3 free copies over the next few months.  Then, I went to get myself an ice coffee and found, when I pulled out my 'Gloria Jeans' card I was up for a free coffee. How cool is that?  I was stoked to have saved myself $4.00!  
I also found little bags to put some whole cloves into for the vintage suitcase to keep things out while it's storing things.  I'm hoping to store my Glo-mesh, some glasses and other little things so I can claim back some of my storage space in my duchess.  I know that sounds strange, but really I need it back as I feel as though some of my collections are taking over my bedroom; and this is why I bought that suitcase from Brighton.

Anyway, this weekend, I'm hoping to work on some writing of Fry Nelson and some vampire fiction, get some reading done, clean out the house a little, tidy up, do some painting and throw out some junk (as Mum took away all the bags next to the front door; and so I can start over again).  It sounds like a lot, and a little, but really it's just tidying up the house and vacuuming.  What are you up to over this weekend?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm/cool and remember, I'm always here.     


  1. had an enjoyable Easter weekend. Just a shame the weekend past on by too quickly.

    1. Too true. I didn't spend much time with anyone - seeing I have a cold - so I've been taking care of myself and getting plenty of sleep and eating a lot (funny how I do that when I get a cold; I don't eat a lot normally!) :P