Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 - Not An Unlucky Year for Me.

Years are funny things.  You see them through, doing what you do in your life - be in a lot, or a little - but it's what you do.  Then before you know it, the next year has arrived. 

However, when you're young, you don't notice how much faster the years zip on by you.  They do seem to speed up as you age... I never believed that when I heard it as younger person, but now I do.

And this year, has zipped by faster than the speed of light leaving us wondering exactly what we've done with ourselves.

For me, I've been busy - really busy - and I'm happy about that.  But my busyness didn't start up until my folks took off overseas giving me permission to drive Mum's 'Green Beastie' Pajero, which usually sits in my driveway doing nothing when they're off overseas.  So, after three days of looking at it, and three hours of me talking myself into driving it, I finally got behind the wheel of the thing and drove it out of the front gate of the unit complex.  And instead of turning into a chicken and back-pedalling inside (like I usually do), I pulled the vehicle out on to Kingston Road and drove the car to Mum and Dad's place.  
After that, I just kept on driving it... I took it to Bunnings, shopping, the Logan Art Gallery, the fruit store down the road, the post office, back to Bunnings (actually they got to know me quite well)... and I got some long-left-on-the-back-burner plans organised, financed, started and finished before they returned home.
These included:  Fixing up my front garden, fixing up the back garden, organising and cleaning out my office, taking a lot of stuff to Life Line and then, I organised my art/craft area at the back door.  I wanted to start a small hobby home business - and did on Facebook!  Now, I have been working on Crafty Pegs as a small bit of income (well, it's really income just yet, it's just work right now) and I'm happy with what I've done.

And compared with what I did in the last six months, the first half of the year really didn't compare to anything.  I didn't seem to have do anything in the first half of the year, when you look at what I've done in the second half of the year... and it's strange how that happens when you get busy.

Now, I'm at Brunswick Heads, and I'm looking forward to getting back to work at home and sorting through my work again... it ought to be great to start on new things, be able to photograph them and organise them on the tablet Mum gave me... then I can take it to my craft group when it convenes again.

So, what has your year brought you?  Sadness?  Happiness?  A new life or something else you never expected?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe over the New Year period and - as always - I'm always here.  See you all here next year... which ironically is tomorrow!  


  1. Is glad 2013 is now over! All we all hope is to have a better and healthy 2014.

    1. I bet! For some I know - friends and family alike - they haven't had the best year in 2013. However, last year was one of my best ones.