Friday, December 13, 2013

A Big Step Backwards

You know, I'm totally disgusted with the government in this country... yep, I am.  And I didn't even vote for them!  I voted for another lot all together!

Two days ago, I heard on the radio while I was driving that the Federal Government wasn't going to allow legal marriage between gay or lesbian people.  So, this country is still living the dark ages of keeping these people in the dark, behind closed doors and making sure they're ashamed of who they are in the public eye and to themselves.

Now, it's bad enough when you've got a medical condition that people take the shit out of you, but when you're gay and lesbian and trans-gender and you can't get bloody well married to the person you're commited to, this really just pisses me right off.  Excuse my language here, but why can't gay, lesbian and trans-gender people get married?  They're people, they have feelings, they have wants and needs just like everyone else, right?


Thought so.

So, if the public are so with the whole let them get married idea, why aren't the politicians?  Why are the governments so weirded out about people, who want to get married and lead a normal loving life like their straight friends?  This has bothered me so much since I've been old enough to understand it.

...and yet, I don't understand it. 

I don't understand why it was illegal for so long to be gay.  I don't understand why so many things have been out of reach for so many people for so many stupid reasons; and yet it took so long for women to be able to vote, and to be able to sit in a pub/bar to drink a beer amongst men (and it took a group of women chaining themselves to a bar on a Sunday in protest to change minds and laws about that!).  It's taken a long time to change laws about races attending schools and colleges and universities - to allow them to mix without making African Americans feeling as though they're second-class citizens amongst the superior white race... who are just like them underneath really.

It's strange when I look at this world and see we take huge steps forward in technology and in the space race and yet, we can't take even the smallest step forward in our own back yards.  Our governments are wrecking our countries by selling off companies we need, stopping people from being happily married to each other (and really, who is that harming when you take it down to the brass nuts and bolts?) and I really don't understand why they don't just take a massive pay cut from their huge pay packets... oh... better not say that!  It might be something a normal person would be considering; something that might fix our problems and make me an enemy of the government... it would mean that I'm no longer a drone for them, that I actually found out I have a mind and a brain... that I'm actually thinking.

Yes, this era has turned into a bigger than big edition of '1984' by H.G. Wells... and it's creepier in real life than the fiction he wrote about the future.

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  1. I didn't wote for this current government either and I am not happy with these so called promises that stated before Election Day. Why should the country vote if the government can't do the right things for the country? All they care about is themselves and be greedy with the money. If the world got rid of money, the world would be a better place to live.