Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas At the Parker's

I tried to write a blog post on Christmas Day and to surprise you all with my first post on my Leader, Android Tablet... but that backfired faster than anything I've ever seen.  Within 5 hours of receiving the wonderful gift off Mum and Dad, the tablet malfunctioned and my cousin Kate advised us to return it for a new one.

But our Christmas was a 2-day affair.  

On Christmas Eve, Mum and Dad and I drove from their place to Everton Park to pick up Mum's Christmas Present at Anaconda (it's the only one there which had her particular style of present, all the other stores were out of stock).  Then, we drove to Gabe and Kat's place for Christmas Dinner.

Well!  Gabe had built a pizza oven... a real pizza oven from plans!  It was fantastic!  He made some dough and - as fate would have it - made the water too hot to make the dough rise.  Well, the oven wasn't dried out enough (as we were the first people he had cooked in it for) and so it took time to heat up.  And the dough didn't rise and rolled out really thin.  We made up our own personalised pizzas and by around 8:30pm we were all fed!  Yummo!  What a great meal!
Then, we had dessert of my home-made fruit salad and Mum brought around some cream... aaww... double-yummo!
Then, came the presents.  Riley was going to forego her present-opening until the next morning.  But when she saw us all ripping open our pressies, she folded and started on her presents... it was funny!  She loved everything she received.
Everyone loved what I bought them - from Mum and Dad loving the flat vase and Gabe enjoying that I got him 'Moonflower' by Santana on vinyl (which I had 2 copies of and so thought to give him one of the copies) and then Riley totally loved her tree earrings I bought from the Creative Markets at the stall which was across from me in November.  And finally, Kat adored the Magna-Pegs I gave her too.  

The next morning, we were all off after a gorgeous breakfast of eggs, ham and toast with coffee.  We packed up our stuff, hooked up the trailer and headed on home for Christmas Lunch... and that was the most relaxing time we had.  This was when Mum and Dad gave me the Leader Android Tablet.  I wasn't too sure about it, but then, I began reading the book and hooked it up to charge it properly and while it was charging, I fiddled with a few things to figure out how it worked - just to look at it - and this is when it began to stuff up.  
First it began to scroll on its own.  Then, during a blog post, it resized and stopped typing, wouldn't save and wouldn't let me do anything.  So I gave up on the blog post.  Then, I tried to download an app... nope, it didn't like me doing that and flipped out on me, scrolling, scrolling and changing the screens on the deskfront on me... grrr.  I sat there looking it feeling very fed up with it and wanting to just put it away and leave it.  But Mum and Aunty Helen said that my cousin Kate was going to be around and she'd help me out... and she did!  I signed in to Google and got a gmail account and Kate helped me pick out an app so  I could write on it, and then it began to take screen shots without me touching it.  At first nobody believed me because nobody saw it happen, until Aunty Helen watched and she said I didn't touch anything, that it was doing it when I had my hands nowhere near the screen.  Kate had gone home to check on their dog and get changed, and when she returned, we told her what was happening, and she said it was a sensitivity thing... so she looked at the tablet, and it began to take photos of the screen and flicker bright pink - strobe-like flickering, which really put me off - and I asked if she could turn it off for me.  She did that and told Mum to return it to the store and get another one as it wasn't going to work pretty soon; and it's not supposed to scroll.
Mum thought she was doing well by Australia by getting an Aussie made tablet... I did too. However, it seems as though I got a dud tablet by chance.

Now, I'm down at Brunswick Heads and rushing through this blog post as I have limited time on the net here... phew!... I hope I can post this!  Anyway, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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