Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Last Grocery Shop Before Christmas

Today was my last shopping day before the New Year... yep, I braved the crowds and headed out earlier than usual today to get my shopping done as soon as I could and avoid the crowds.

I hate the crowds at this time of the year.

Well, on my way out, there was a white van that's been dropping around to pick up the Islamic ladies to take them wherever they go each day.  The driver zooms around here at 20km/hr when the speed limit is 5km/hr.  Well, he picked up one of them, while I had to squeeze past his van illegally parked outside the unit, and I putted around the place at the right speed limit (as I've seen some families around here with small kids; and those kids just seem to pop up out of nowhere when you're driving a car).  Anyway, he was suddenly, right on my tail.... itching to get out.  I kept my speed slow and he kept revving the engine.  I almost stopped the car to just tick him off, but didn't.  Instead, I just went on my way and minded my own business.  His time will come where somebody will stop him from speeding; but it won't be me.

I found a car spot under the shade of the trees at Woolworths today... and that was wonderful, and rare!  And I also went off to Life Line to see what lovely things they had on offer there.  They had an original Prada handbag which looked a little worse for wear; and then the man at the counter went out the back room and brought out a brand new Charlie Brown bag... he said he looked it up online and found they were being sold on e-bay for around $65 each.  So, they put that price on it.  I inspected both bags, and picked up the Charlie Brown bag for $55 because of my Life Line card discount... very cool.  I know it sounds like a lot to buy a bag for; but when I looked at this bag, and I mean, really looked at it, it hadn't been used.  It still had the Charlie Brown perfume in it... so, instead of thinking it over, I jumped in and bought the lovely thing; and I don't regret it a bit.

My shopping at Coles was good.  I had a few calculating problems at the self-serve checkouts... I'm just not a mathematical person... then I got a few messages from Mum.  But when I went to answer them, my mobile wouldn't let me type anything, let alone read the message.
This had been happening to me a lot lately.  The smart phone Gabe gave me last year has been screwing up over the last month - at first it was just little things, like the battery going dead within a day, then it was becoming more annoying things.  For example, I'd open the phone to see if I'd miss any calls while I was out and it would say: 'Sending text'... um... when did I send a text, let alone write one?  I'd get a message back from Mum asking me why I sent her text with no message and I'd call her saying that phone did it on its own and I didn't.
But today, it screwed up royaly!  I had left the message alone until I was out of Coles, then Mum messaged me again (it was about Christmas Day and where we were going to have it and with whom and she wanted to know if I was cool with it).  Well, I couldn't answer her because the phone wouldn't let me text anything, or call anyone.  So, I waited until I got out to the car, turned the phone off and on, and it still wouldn't let me do anything unless I pushed on the screen so hard I thought I was going to crack the glass!  And to make it worse, I was halfway through my text and the stupid damned phone sent my message to Mum without me touching anything!  So, I kept typing until I was finished - telling her what had just happened, and that the phone is acting up and I need a new one before I break this one - and so she got 2 messages from me (an incomplete one and a finished one).  I very nearly smashed the damned thing on the ground right there because I was so mad at how it was performing - or not! - but I didn't.  I got a message back from Mum: 'Hmmmm...' I hope to find a solution to this phone problem soon, as not too far into the future, I won't have a phone because this one will just stop working.

Well, I arrived home to find two kids from across the road - who don't live here in the complex - using our swimming pool.  The moment the gate opened, I drove through, paused, looked over at them and they got this terrified expression on their faces.  They know who I am and that I will talk to them if they're found here again.  Children under the age of 10 aren't allowed to swim in the pool unsupervised - and if you don't live here and are children under the age of 10, you're tresspassing and the police will be called to report you.  I've told them this, and this has scared them enough to know that the next time they see me, to be gone.  I know which house they live in too... so it looks like there's going to be a report to police soon about these kids as they're not allowed here, especially when they lie about living here to us all (yeah, I'm not the only one to see them running around here). 

Well, that was my day.  It was good, bad, ugly and everything else in between... but most of all, it was my last shopping/grocery day before Christmas.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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