Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Busy Few Days

Today was shopping day; and I got out there and bought everything I needed and wanted.  Yes, I spoiled myself a little with a few little ornaments for the piano from Coles and bought up more groceries than I needed.  But I do this around this time of the year; as I don't wish to be caught short as the real Silly Season draws near... you know the type I mean; when people rush around and forget things at the shops and act a little strange in the shops.  I've seen them... they look like they need to go to the toilet in the check-out line when they've got one item.  Thank goodness for the self-service check-outs, eh?

Well, today, I paid off my last lay-by for the year, bought my Topamax for the next month, and spent a lot of money at Coles... yeah, I over-spent a little, but that's just me at Christmas.

Once home, I unpacked and put everything away and found that my pantry and fridge were both bursting at the seams with food!  Yay!  I love it when that happens.  And it's the most wonderful feeling to have food in the house - I often feel like having a dinner party; but who would I invite???  Most of my friends can't make it or are overseas.

Anyway, I spent my afternoon online and then had a few hours working on my Crafty Pegs, mowed the lawn (where a nest of Green Ants were peeved enough at me to attack!  One bit me on the ball of my left foot! Yeowch!) and then I had a nice cool shower, washed my hair and began thinking about dinner as I watched 'Happy Days'... I love that show; but then who doesn't?  They keep on playing the repeats on channel 11 and it's wonderful to see it keeping on our televisions when everything else fades away eventually.

I made a salad for dinner, watched a little more television and did a bit more painting and then packed up my paint, brushes and locked up my house to come upstairs.

However tomorrow, I'm not going to be sleeping in; as I was hoping to do.  Nope... I'm going to be over at Springwood to get some plastic boxes to store my Christmas ornaments - big boxes - so I don't have to have the cardboard boxes in the wardrobe anymore.  And I'll buy another one for my Halloween stuff too.  So, I'll be able to put away the wreath that hangs in my window too, as well as the scary skull I put on my door for Halloween and all my ghoulish stuff into another box.  Sounds good, eh?  
Then, I'll be off to Bunnings to get a table where the legs fold in.  I saw them advertised for $40 each.  This will be my own table for the Creative Markets; and will save me borrowing the light metal one from Mum and Dad every time - as I know they want that one back.

So, tomorrow morning, I'll be taking some stuff out of the back of the car, putting down the seats and pulling things out of the storage facility to return to Mum and Dad's place... and I'll be out for a few hours before returning home with some goodies.  I can't wait... I'll have some great things to organise, but my wallet will be a fare bit lighter.  However, I know it will be worthwhile.  

What are you doing for the rest of the week?  You know that tomorrow is a busy day for me.  Friday is my rest day, before I'm out and about on Saturday for the Volunteer's Morning Tea at the Logan Art Gallery and then off to little Zoe Treagus' 1st Birthday Party at Thorneside that afternoon.  On Sunday, I'll have a cleaner house, hopefully, and be able to dust and vacuum it by then.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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