Friday, May 17, 2013

Bussin' It!

Today, I felt as thought I spent most of my day sitting on a bus, waiting for a bus, or running for a bus!  Phew!  How exhausting that is for all of those things.  But I spent a lot of time around buses and it was to visit two furniture stores in my area to look at and get quotes on a new bedroom suiteNow, I'm hoping to get something really nice before I go into hospital mid-next month and have it installed by that time too.  
But it's the running around, shopping for the right prices that I really hate.  It's not a lot of fun to do.  And when you do go running around for the prices, you have to be flexible enough to upgrade from you expectations of what you want to what you might have to get.  

I want to replace my double bed with a new double bed.  However at Super A-Mart Furniture Store at Woodridge, I found that if I went for a double bed suite, there were only two styles to pick from.  But if I upgraded to a Queen Bedroom suite, I could pick from the rest of the range at a cheaper price.  Really weird don't you think?  Anyway, I got myself the quotes I wanted from the place and left... not really happy with the prices I got, but I still had one other place to look at before long.  

Then, I was off to Suncorp for some money (just in case I had to catch a cab home and couldn't wait for a bus or had missed it and it was late or too early; you never can tell what happens with the bus service these days).  On the way there, I went to Woodys'  and found they had a huge array of movies for $5.00 each.  So, I looked around and picked out three I loved and bought them, then I was off to the bank and back to the bus stop where I caught the bus to the Underwood Marketplace to price bedroom suites there at Fantastic Furniture.

That place was goodBut if I wanted to add something that wasn't part of the package it became overly expensive and not really worth my while.  So, I walked out of there wondering if I'd be better off building my own bedroom suite than buying one - would it be cheaper and better-made seeing I'd know what would go into itProbably, seeing what my Facebook friends are saying about Super A-Mart and Fantastic Furniture... and none of it is good.

So, I've been to two place people have told me aren't good to get furniture from today.  I'm tired, sore and exhausted.  Friends have suggested to head off to the rabbit warren, better known as IKEA, and see how I go there.  But I really hate that place as I always feel as though I'm a 6-year-old again and I'm lost at the Exhibition and can't find my way out.  Everything's too bright and I've been lost there before... not fun... and all we wanted to do was buy a large picture frame there and it took us hours to get out.

I'm hoping to have the bedroom suite bought, installed and my bedroom fixed up by the time my operation comes around.  Oh, what's happening with me getting an operation?  Well, I'm getting an ovarian cyst removed and an IUD put in at the Wesley Hospital on 18th, June.  Not a comfortable procedure, but it will help me with the problems of my cycle and assist me through menopause when it arrives.  I just want to get a new bedroom suite so I can be comfortable for when I come home as I'll need bedrest; and there's nothing worse than not being able to be comfortable when you need to sleep.

So, that was my Friday for ya... and you know what's going on in my life in around a months' time.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.     


  1. There is one thing I learnt! If you live in a low income suburb, you will find some items are more costly then going to a high income suburb for less of the same item.

    There is afew home centres in one area at Mt Gravatt. I can't remember on the top of my head which ones they are but I will observe when I go bowling tonight.

    1. Hey thanks! I think you're thinking of Big Top at Mt
      Gravatt... it's got a few furniture places which I can't get to without a car; where if I did, I'd be catching more buses than it's worth. I caught one bus and found what I could... and it turned out to be an exhausting day. But I did find out a lot about bedroom furniture. :D