Friday, May 31, 2013

May Is Something Different!

This month has been as busy as last month!  Most probably busier... I have hardly spent a full weekend at home and have been working away from my house more often than not.

However, that's good for me, as it's kept me on the go.  And I enjoy being busy.  I love getting out and about and taking photos and getting ideas for books, paintings and for my garden too.  
At the beginning of the month, I was house and dog sitting.  I was asked to mind Mindy - a friend's dear, sweet dog.  She's a lovely dog who doesn't bark; well not much.  We have heard her bark probably once or twice since we've known her, and that's it, and this is over a 15 year period.  But she's a wonderful dog who searches you out if you're too quiet and makes sure you're okay, loves a pat and enjoys just being around people.  And minding her was a cinch!  I just had to keep her out of the kitchen, hehe.

Then, I wrote out my famous recipe of Pumpkin, Walnut and Spinach Cannelloni for you all to have a go at!  And if your family isn't too hot for pumpkin?  Well, stuff the cannelloni shells with anything you can get your hands on and cook it in the oven - so long you have your herbs right, you can serve it up in those things.  They're the easier things to cook with.  And I love making cannelloni!  It's wonderful!
And if that wasn't enough, I had been ticked off by adverts on television which showed children complaining that they weren't morning people and showing them 'cooking' with the microwave with their parents, when there was a stove not too far away to be used.  I hate it when this kind of thing is shown to children and teenagers because they get brainwashed into thinking that microwaves are the only thing to use in the kitchen; and I used my niece as an example, as she won't help getting dinner ready.  This is a big problem with children in our world today; and it must be changed.

Mother's Day wasn't really Mother's Day for me... honestly it wasn't.  My Mum wasn't in town as she and Dad went on holidays the Friday before and I felt kinda empty without her around.  So, I sat on the computer and edited some writing while I did some reading and blogging... not much of a Mother's Day, eh?  

For the rest of the month, I bussed it everywhere to looking at furniture for my bedroom, did my grocery shopping by bus and cab and then packed up my stuff to come here and stay here for the last week so Mum and Dad had a fully functional house to come home to when they arrived home from their holidays.  This was something I was hoping would work for them.
Now, some of you guys know I have fish and I have catered for them buy putting in 2 weekend feeding blocks - which will be okay until I get home.  The water was changed over completely and I bought a tank/glass cleaner that I used on the first day I bought it last pay.  However I do miss being at home right now.  And I haven't collected my mail since last Friday... so I know that there's mail waiting for me to pick up there too.

So, how was your month?  Busy, lazy and wet.... just like mine?  Yeah, same here!  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here. 

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