Friday, May 24, 2013

Working At Home Today

For the past week, I've been working hard away from home... out and about, catching buses here and there, going shopping, buying what I need to get ready for the next few weeks.

Today and tomorrow, I'll be throwing myself into cleaning up my house.  It'll be a big thing for me.  I have to put away a lot of things in my lounge room, dining room and kitchen (which the latter I've started on this morning) and then, I'll be clearing out my bedroom and packing that up, vacuuming it and making ready to clear out for a new bedroom suite over the next few weeks.

But I'm making sure that I'll get started with the easy stuff today before getting into anything too complex; as I'll be out on Sunday again and at my folks' place until later in the week... well, until they arrive home from their holidays.  
While at their place, I'll be getting money out of Mum's account and going grocery shopping for her, filling the place up with food and making sure it's ready for them when they get home.  I'll stay there until they arrived home so it'll be nice and tidy and ready for them, so they don't have to open it up after I've left.

As for my house?  I'm hoping to have it tidy enough to have Mum stay here comfortably for the week I need her after my surgery.  I have to also have her here long enough to know how things work here... just like there's a certain way her kitchen runs, there's a way my kitchen runs too.  I hope she works it out (I mean, if my brother can figure it out in an hour or so, I'm sure she can).  
Also,I hope she can move the lounge so it can open properly.  I just need to have the lounge room tidy enough that she needs to be able to move stuff off the coffee table and move it to it's out of the way.  It's just the way things are here with townhouses; because they're small, you have to work around how you fit furniture in.  I've worked in a confined space for a long time now, and am very used to it.  However, when somebody comes to my place, I find they feel very closed-in because everything is so confined.  Usually these visitors live in larger houses and they say they couldn't live this way.  Strangely enough, there's plenty of people in my unit complex who have moved from houses into these places who have too much furniture and they find they can't find enough space for their excess furniture.

Anyway, I do hope I get everything I want to get done by tomorrow night.  It would be good to be mostly prepared before my folks get home from their holidays. I want to make sure around 90% of the house is ready for the new bedroom suite before my operation.  Let's hope I get it in, along with a new mattress, and I'll be ready for my recovery.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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